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Message started by tripper on Feb 21st, 2005 at 12:31am

Title: Re: Profile questionaire
Post by Fishpig on Apr 30th, 2009 at 2:28pm

tripper wrote on Feb 21st, 2005 at 12:31am:
Hi guys... here's a launching point for setting up a profile. My thought is that we could kick the questions around for a few days, and make additions/deletions/modifications where needed. Then those who choose could copy and paste into a post, and fill in their own answers.
Let me know what you think.  8)

Where do you live? Cambridge, MN
Approximate number of previous nights spent canoe camping? 50+
Do you have the gear or use an outfitterer? gear, 2 solo boats
Preferred/Typical party size? 1
What length of trips do you do/available to do? 7 days min
Preferred season? Soft water
What % of the trip do you travel/base camp? Depends on how I feel
What difficulty level do you go for? Easier the better
What area of the park are you most familiar with and do you want to spend time there or explore new areas? East side. Love to go to Q, WCP
Bow or stern preference? solo
What is your paddling rhythm? whatever I'm singing
Paddle the shoreline or beeline? Shore
How nasty of water are you comfortable paddling in? Not very
Do you have strong navigation/map skills? yup

Do you usually single/double/triple/or? portage? double
Do you carry everything on your back, or alot of hand carry? back
How well do you handle the mountain goat portages? like an elefant
How well do you handle the boot sucking bogs? like an elefant

Camping Style
Would you rather cook or wash the dishes? both
Fresh or dried foods? both
Cook over a fire, or over a stove? fire
Cook breakfast or breakfast bars? cook
How many fish meals do you like to have during a trip? love fish
Hang the food pack or ground it? ground
Axe? Saw? Both? both
Sit around campfire all night OR wake at crack of dawn? (or both) both
On a travel day, what time do you like to hit the water? early

How much time do you like to spend fishing? years
Which species do you like to go after? whatevers bitin
How much tackle to you bring?  enough
Are you good with a fillet knife? good enough

Do you have any medical conditions to be considered? no
Level of alcohol consumption? I can consume at any level
Are you a smoker?  Specify
Is photography high on your list? sure
Do you like to go after pictographs? yup
Do you like to go after waterfalls? yup
Do you like to go after the northern lights? yup

If the bugs are bad, will it ruin the trip for you? nope
What weather conditions are difficult for you to deal with? Tornados
If we've got a problem, would you rather discuss it or bury it? I'll speak my mind trust me ;)
Other than illness or injury what events or conditions would make you want to quit a trip early and head home?
 Tornados, Texas sized meteors 2nd coming of Christ, My bosses sudden passing. It wouldn't let me copy, or paste sorry

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