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Message started by tripper on Feb 24th, 2005 at 8:09pm

Title: Member Profiles    (are added here)
Post by tripper on Feb 24th, 2005 at 8:09pm
Well... What the heck... I'll a swing at it. I hope everyone will take the plunge.

Where do you live?
 I'm in the Southeastern corner of Nebraska. You've all heard of "the sticks".... well this would be it. LOL
Approximate number of previous nights spent canoe camping?
Do you have the gear or use an outfitterer?
 I've got all the basics... and some of the bells and whistles
Preferred/Typical party size?
 Not over 4.
What length of trips do you do/available to do?
 Average trip length would be 10-12 days
Preferred season?
 My fav time to be in the park would be late Sept. Second choice would be mid-late May.
What % of the trip do you travel/base camp?
 I like a little mix... travel in far enough to get beyond the first wave, and then spend a couple of days at an intersting spot... travel a day, spend a couple.... etc.
What difficulty level do you go for?
 I'm up for some difficult travel, but only for the purpose of getting to an area I'd like to see... I don't need to steer toward difficult areas just for the difficulty. Nothing to prove here.
What area of the park are you most familiar with and do you want to spend time there or explore new areas?
 Most familiar with the northern half of Quetico. My typical trip would be to see a few of the old familiar sites, and spend the rest of the time exploring new areas.

Bow or stern preference?
 I'll do either. I like to experience some of both in a trip.
What is your paddling rhythm?
 I'm a glider.
Paddle the shoreline or beeline?
 Shoreline for me... that's where the action is.
How nasty of water are you comfortable paddling in?
 When the rollers start rollin... I STOP.
Do you have strong navigation/map skills?
 I'm a compass guy. I still spend my fair share of time looking for portages.

Do you usually single/double/triple/or? portage?
 Double on a 2-man trip.
Do you carry everything on your back, or alot of hand carry?
 Mostly on the back. I really like to keep 1 hand free.
How well do you handle the mountain goat portages?
 My knees are getting tired. Don't mind some, but don't want to spend a whole trip on them.
How well do you handle the boot sucking bogs?
 As long as I can touch bottom... whew.

Camping Style
Would you rather cook or wash the dishes?
 I enjoy cooking, but don't need to do it all.
Fresh or dried foods?
 I do my own dehydrating for most trips.
Cook over a fire, or over a stove?
 Fire for most meals. Stove in the rain or breakfast on travel days.
Cook breakfast or breakfast bars?
 Flexible here... I skip breakfast sometimes for a morning fish and then have a big lunch.
How many fish meals do you like to have during a trip?
 I love a tasty fillet... I enjoy fish for breakfast/lunch or dinner probably 7 times in a 10 day trip
Hang the food pack or ground it?
Axe? Saw? Both?
Sit around campfire all night OR wake at crack of dawn? (or both)
 Both... but not in the same day. LOL
On a travel day, what time do you like to hit the water?
 If there's big water for the day, I like to hit it EARLY. God forbid, I've even been known to set an alarm for these.

How much time do you like to spend fishing?
 ALOT. Fishing for me goes hand in hand with exploring. I'm usually fishing reasonably close to the shoreline, and that's how I enjoy learning a new lake. For travel days, I like to take a break once in awhile and slow down for some trolling.
Which species do you like to go after?
 I don't usually persue northerns. My favorite fishing is probably jigging for shy-bite walleyes. I like smallies on the fly rod. I love to vertical jig for lakers.
How much tackle to you bring?
 2 regular size plano plastic boxes, and 1 small size. One nalgene jar of preserved minnows. Usually 3 rods/reels.
Are you good with a fillet knife?
 I can get MOST of the meat off. LOL

Do you have any medical conditions to be considered?
 I have a small tripping problem. LOL
Level of alcohol consumption?
 Love my evening toddy. Not a big drinker.
Is photography high on your list?
 I like to snap some pics. It is not my main focus. focus?
Do you like to go after pictographs?
 I'll detour to take them in, but usually not my destination.
Do you like to go after waterfalls?
 I like falls and rapids, partly for the beauty, and partly for the fishing.
Do you like to go after the northern lights?
 I haven't caught good lights for several years. It's moving up on the priority list.

If the bugs are bad, will it ruin the trip for you?
 I think I've seen the worst of them. It did not ruin the trip for me, but the evening campfire just wasn't the same.
What weather conditions are difficult for you to deal with?
 Steady rain that continues for more than 2 days. UGH
If we've got a problem, would you rather discuss it or bury it?
 First discuss it... then I will bury you. LOL
Other than illness or injury what events or conditions would make you want to quit a trip early and head home?
 Can't think of anything.... maybe if there was smoke getting thick in the air, and a big glow on the horizon after dark. Oh dear.

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