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Message started by tripper on Feb 24th, 2005 at 8:09pm

Title: Re: Member Profiles
Post by Jackfish on Feb 28th, 2005 at 7:03am

Where do you live?  Green Bay, WI
Approximate number of nights canoe camping?  75+
Do you have the gear or use outfitter?  Have all the gear.
Preferred party size:  4 - 6
What length of trips:  5-7 nights
Preferred Season:  Mid-June, but I'll go anytime.
Percentage of travel to basecamp:  Typically, we've base-camped to fish.  Made a "traveling" trip a couple summers ago and loved it.
Difficulty Level:  No issues with a difficult trip.  
Area of the park I am most familiar with:  Quetico
New area to try:  Too many to list.  Lots of places I haven't been yet.


Bow or stern:  Usually stern.  Doesn't matter though.
Paddling Rhythm:  Steady and strong... generally have a weaker bow partner  
Shoreline or Beeline:  Whatever makes the most sense.
Nasty Water Paddling comfort:  We'll adjust as needed.  
Navigations skills:  I've never been lost.  Orienting a map and using a compass are part of the challenge I really enjoy.


Single/double/triple:  Double on the base camp trips.  Single otherwise.
Carry on back or hand carry:  Yes
How do you handle mountain goat portages:  How does anyone handle them?  Suck it up and do it.
How do you handle boot sucking bogs:  Double-knot my boots and get it done.

Cook or clean the dishes:  I usually cook, but no issues either way.
Fresh or Freeze Dried:  Fresh, as in fresh fish!  No freeze-dried stuff on our trips.
Fire or Stove:  Stove
Cook breakfast or breakfast bars:  Yes - some of both.
Fish meals:  Maybe not every day, but close.
Hang the food pack or ground it:  Mainly hang it.
Axe, saw or both:  My Sven Saw goes on every trip.  The hatchet doesn't.
Sit around campfire all night OR wake at crack of dawn:  During the trip, some of each.
On travel day, what time do you like to hit the water:  6:30 or so.  Depends on the day.

How much time fishing:  We're up.  Might as well fish.
Which species?  Walleye & northern pike.
How much tackle do you briing?  Let's just say we're prepared.    
Are you good with a fillet knife?  I'll give myself a grade of "B".  Fortunately, we have someone on our trip who's as skilled as a surgeon.


Do you have medical conditions?  Nope.
Are you a smoker?  Nope
Prefer partners that are smokers or non-smokers?  Doesn't matter, as long as you don't smoke in the car.
Level of alcohol consumption?  It's not on the packing list, although we've brought a little over the years.
Is photography high on your list?  Yes - I like to tell the story in photos.
Do you like to go after pictographs?  If they fit the trip.
Do you like to go after waterfalls?  If they fit the trip.
Do you like to go after northern lights?  Not a main goal, but if they show up, GREAT!


If the bugs are bad, will it ruin the trip for you?  How could being in Quetico ever be ruined by bugs?  
What weather conditions are difficult for you to deal with?  High winds can limit fishing... other than that... none
If we have a problem, would you rather discuss it or bury it?  Discuss it, then move on.    
Other than illness or injury, what events or conditions would make you want to quit a trip early and head home?  The thought of all the voice mail messages I need to return for work stuff when I get home!  (NOT!)..... LOL    

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