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Message started by tripper on Feb 24th, 2005 at 8:09pm

Title: Re: Member Profiles
Post by HoHo on Mar 20th, 2005 at 1:52pm

Where do you live?

     Washington DC, relocating to Ely, MN in a few years

Approximate number of previous nights spent canoe camping?

     About 120 in Quetico and area north of Quetico; 20-25 elsewhere

Do you have the gear or use an outfitter?

     Have the gear EXCEPT canoe, no place to store one in DC and can’t carry on the plane.  Planning to get a whole fleet once I'm up in Ely

Preferred/Typical party size?

     Two, with my usual paddling partner David.  When I get more time to paddle I want to try soloing and would also enjoy four-person trip or possibly up to six with others.

What length of trips do you do/available to do?
     7-10 days is a great trip.  When I get more time to paddle I want to mix in more shorter and some longer trips.  My longest trip ever was 28 days, when I was 13

Preferred season?

     I like September a lot, but basically want to be out whenever the water is liquid.

What % of the trip do you travel/base camp?

     Usually travel every day.  Last trip we laid over at a couple sites two night and explored on the day between – will probably start doing that more.  I doubt I would ever want to base camp.

What difficulty level do you go for?

     I like to work hard and take it easy at the same time.  I’m not happy (on canoe trips or anywhere else) if I don’t get a lot of physical exercise, but I also want to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness and study what’s going on there, so I would not like a trip that is just push-push-push (some days like that are okay).

What area of the park are you most familiar with and do you want to spend time there or explore new areas?

     As an adult I’ve traveled mostly in south central and west Quetico.  As a kid I was mostly north of Quetico.  I always want to explore new areas (but still return to old favorites).  When I get more time for paddling I want to spend some time in the BW, either in less-used areas or in early/late season when it isn’t so crowded.


Bow or stern preference?

     I paddle stern with David in the bow.  I don’t have anything against the bow and would be happy to paddle there some if my partner wanted the stern.

What is your paddling rhythm?


Paddle the shoreline or beeline?

     Have done both, but recently leaning more towards shoreline.

How nasty of water are you comfortable paddling in?

     I would guess I’m kind of in the “average” range here

Do you have strong navigation/map skills?



Do you usually single/double/triple/or? portage?

     Double portage (two trips across) (except at end of trip when food pack is light).  When I was a kid we always did one trip across, and to even suggest two would have been wimpy heresy, but for me portages are now a welcome change of pace and a chance to see the interior because of doubling.  On recent shorter trips we have singled, and I would do that on a long trip if making good distance were the primary goal.

Do you carry everything on your back, or alot of hand carry?

     There are always a few things (binoculars, maps) attached to the thwarts, and those will either be hand-carried or attached to the packs depending on portage length.

How well do you handle the mountain goat portages?

     Pretty well.  I’m a marathon runner so the heart can deal with it, and I’m pretty careful where I put my feet when I have a canoe on me.

How well do you handle the boot sucking bogs?

     I'm getting better at it, having learned that sinking in thigh-deep is really not that bad.


Would you rather cook or wash the dishes?

     You mean I can’t just kick back and be served?  :-)

Fresh or dried foods?

     Dried, but flexible.  Interested in home drying eventually, which could be the best of both worlds.

Cook over a fire, or over a stove?


Cook breakfast or breakfast bars?

     Morning coffee is essential to my existence.

How many fish meals do you like to have during a trip?

     I don’t fish, but I’d eat a bunch if my partners fished or I took it up.

Hang the food pack or ground it?

     Hang, using an azalea pulley method.

Axe? Saw? Both?

     Saw, but rarely use it.

Sit around campfire all night OR wake at crack of dawn? (or both)

     I naturally tend to get out of the tent at the crack of dawn.  As long as I have my coffee, I’m happy if others are still sleeping.  Most nights we don't have a fire because we are in the tent early, but I love a campfire when we have one.

On a travel day, what time do you like to hit the water?

     Despite getting up at the crack of dawn, kind of slow getting on the water.


How much time do you like to spend fishing?

     Don’t fish, but wouldn’t mind taking it up.  It would never be the focus of a trip.

Which species do you like to go after?


How much tackle to you bring?


Are you good with a fillet knife?

     I’m guessing I would be a menace to myself and all bystanders.


Do you have any medical conditions to be considered?

     Excellent health.

Level of alcohol consumption?

     Like a shot or two of Maker’s Mark (or something similar) every night.

Are you a smoker?


Is photography high on your list?

     Pretty high.

Do you like to go after pictographs?

     I like them but they are not central to my trip.

Do you like to go after waterfalls?

     I like them but they are not central to my trip.

Do you like to go after the northern lights?

     I love the northern lights but don’t know how to “go after” them.


If the bugs are bad, will it ruin the trip for you?

     No, but they can put a damper on things if they are non-stop.

What weather conditions are difficult for you to deal with?

     Nonstop rain for days on end is not my favorite.  Long-term wind-bound is not my favorite.  But part of being out is accepting what nature dishes up.

If we've got a problem, would you rather discuss it or bury it?

     Discuss it and hopefully resolve with compromise or realize it’s not that important.

Other than illness or injury what events or conditions would make you want to quit a trip early and head home?

     Hard to imagine any.


     I’m a pretty avid birder and can spend time a fair amount with my binoculars on trips.  I’m getting interested in tracking.  Want to go off the beaten track with some bushwhacking.

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