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Message started by intrepid_camper on May 22nd, 2017 at 9:56am

Title: Re: How to??? Make tortilla chips from corn tortillas?
Post by Jimbo on May 23rd, 2017 at 7:47am
IC -

I'm sure you've seen articles like this:   (You need to Login or Register .  While I'm the very last person in the world who should be commenting about anything in the "What's Cooking" forum, it seems to me that temperature control in a camp fire could be a big issue with getting them right.

Yeah, when I first saw your post my mind was taking the same portage trail as Old Salt's did.  Then I remembered the very reason why I never take "chips" with me in the first place... they get crushed in my food barrel!  Heck, I had two years in a row when my "Cheese Whiz" canister - seemingly impervious - exploded inside of the barrel.  Talk about a mess!  Anyway, all sorts of interesting things go on in packs during the bumping and banging of loading/unloading etc.

Anyway, I "get it" why you wish to pack tortillas.  It's the very same reason I've gone back to packing blocks of cheddar cheese. 

Good luck!

Jimbo   8-)

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