Trading Post Rules - Please Read Before Posting (Read 10041 times)

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Trading Post Rules - Please Read Before Posting
Jan 23rd, 2006 at 1:24pm
How to use this forum.  
#1 - Please use this forum for items related to canoe camping.
#2 - This is not a place for open discussion or questions.  Please use e-mail or IM for detailed questions and/or haggelling.  Converstation and comment type posts will be removed.
#3 - Use these acronyms in your heading.

FS=For sale
WTB=Want to buy
WTT=Want to trade
FA=For auction

(Example - FS: Garmin 60C GPS)
#4 - Once an agreement is reached, please notify a moderator to modify your post marking it **SOLD** or a description that fits.  
#5 - Two weeks after your initial post, links to eBay and the like are acceptable (see acceptable use).

#6 - If posting an item for sale, try to avoid the "Make an offer" scenario.  Be honest about your price and you will have better luck selling.

#7 - "Bumping" or adding to an old ad to move your ad to the top may result in locking the thread.  If you would like to make changes to your ad please PM a moderator with your desired changes and we will get to it ASAP.
*Acceptable use*

Consider the site and it's audience and post accordingly. If you're not sure - it never hurts to ask first. If you have questions please IM one of the moderators.
The Gear Exchange/Trading Post is not intended for commercial use.
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