FS - DRYAD Suspended Sleeping Shelter hammock tent (Read 2426 times)

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FS - DRYAD Suspended Sleeping Shelter hammock tent
Oct 14th, 2018 at 1:17pm
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I have two of these which I am no longer using and think I should offer one, maybe two, to my QJ friends.  I need to cut back on my camping equipment, out of room to store the stuff.  I seldom use these anymore as my dog would be left out in the cold and bugs if I took it to sleep in while camping.  NOTE:  This photo was taken from someone else's post about the Dryad but mine are exactly the same in construction and materials.  The maximum weight limit is about 200# for sleeping in it.  Mine are well used but still in good condition with minor issues like some (repaired) nicks in mosquito screen and some stretching of seams.  I paid $375 for each of them when new.  In their stuff sacks they amount to a package about 24 inches long and 33 inches circumference and perhaps 12-15 pounds weight.  I will sell each of them for $150.00 which will also include the cost to ship to you (within the USA).  IC
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