Canoe Camping in the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Discover canoe tripping in Quetico and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Whether you're contemplating your first canoe trip, or you're an old camping pro, this area of the site is intended to make your trips more enjoyable.

Wilderness fishing Fishing in Quetico and the Boundary Waters

Intended to be a beginner's primer for fishing the Boundary Waters / Quetico Park area lakes and rivers. "Please fish responsibly within the rules of the parks, keeping only what you will eat and releasing the rest carefully so they can fight another day."

~ Darrel Brauer was kind enough to share some basic fishing knowledge. Thanks Darrel!


©Darrel BrauerIntrepid Camper's 99 (or so) Fail-safe Canoe Camping Rules

Intrepid Camper (IC) came up with the idea, offered a great many rules of her own and then challenged the QJ community to come up with the rest. The following is the results of her original challenge. It's a good list. Understand all the rules before you decide to break any of them.

Photo right: @Darrel Brauer




QuietJourney's Portage Database

for Quetico Park and the Boundary Waters. View portage descriptions provided by yourfellow travelers. Don't forget to return the favor by adding a few of your own.


Canoe in the mist - BWCA ©Jack JohnstonCanoe Country Wilderness Canoeing

Shared by Lee Hegstrand
A rather concise "how to" handbook on canoe camping in the Boundary Waters & Quetico. Intended as a recreational guide for the uninitiated, it covers pretty much everything newbies need to know. We all do things a little differently but here is a lot of good basic information consolidated into one place.
Thanks Lee!

Quetico weather


BWCA Weather Forecast

A canoe camper's guide
Experienced BWCA and Quetico paddlers will agree nothing can affect wilderness canoe trips more than the weather and how you handle it. Norman Black was kind enough to share some basic clues to help determine what to expect. Thanks Norman!


Preparing for a canoe trip?

Knot diagramsImprove your Knot Knowledge with this illustrated collection of recreational knots. Both the paddler's and the fishing collection are indispensable for those who only need to tie them one week a year.

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