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Surface lures:
Surface lures, like Chug Bugs and Skitter Pops etc., are fun to use in calm water. Cast the lure out far from the canoe then wait for the rings around it to settle. It will float high out of the water. Twitch it a couple times and then wait. Retrieve the lure in a series of twitches and pauses being very patient. The bite that eventually occurs is often a startling explosion of water and fish at the surface. Sometimes though, large bass will just casually suck the whole lure into their mouths and hold it. Don't set the hook until you feel the fish on the line. This is easier said then done. Many times I have set the hook too early at the sight of the fish grabbing for the lure and have unintentionally pulled it away from them. It's not uncommon for fish to miss these lures on their first attempt but if the lure remains nearby they will often strike it successfully on the second or even third attempt. Calm weedy bays are good places to try this lure but rocky points can also be good and smallmouth bass have been known to come from very deep water to hit a surface bait. Do not use a leader or even a snap swivel with this bait; just tie it directly to your line with a Palomar knot to allow the best action. Try this lure for the fun of it.

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