Hey Basser...Grow Up

Who made you Authority on how to take a canoe trip.
"Rythm of the wilderness" ? Give me a break!
Do you think you are a more enlightend wilderness traveler than Bo ?
I don't know Bo, but I doubt you know diddley, based on your response to BO's trip report. He described a trip many Quetico travelers wish they could take. Maybe you're just jealous that you can't travel that well.
If you don't like Bo's trip stories you would really hate mine. Often I have gone from Praire Portage to either Cutty, Sark, or Cairn Lakes on my first day. I like aluminum canoes, canvas packs, canvas tents. I cook big meaty breakfasts and dinners over roaring fires giving my axe and saw a good workout and leave the woods better than I found them. I often take rookies with me (somtimes large groups...God forbid!) and they love the trip and workout. I do'nt filter water and I eat lots of fish and game.
I take my time paddling and portaging. We go slow and steady and one trip portages.
The last solo I did, crossed 67 portages on a 6 day-5 night trip.
In 28 years of travel in the Quetico-Superior I've been to over 400 lakes. Bragging.?....you bet
See you at the Bushwhackers Jamboree 2005, Basser ? Doubt it.
I hope to see you there Bo!!!!!!!


Posted by Stumpy on September 13, 2002 at 19:59
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