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Stumpy I can take the heat and I thank you for understanding how it is sometimes. To each his own but I do travel light weight. This year the packs were under 65 pounds. And the canoe, well I used the kevlar.
This Bushwhacker Jamboree 2005. I haden't really given it much thought. But sounds like fun. Stumpy thanks for the post.
Ok, Now Basser's post. I can understand where you are coming from and I know that there are many of us that go for different reasons. Mine I like to paddle. Even more I like thoughs portages. But the real reason for this years trip was to complete this loop. The last time I was in Quetico we were stuck on Sarah Lake due to the wind. Sarah was the farthest we got. We camped, fish, and sat around camp alot. It was a great trip to just relax. But I needed more this year.
As to my rookie partner. Anyone who has rookie going with them should teach them well. I tried to explain the importance of a few things which he chose too do his own way. One was the boots. He took leather boots which were cut low. He had wet feet the first time out of the canoe. I know GoreTex is costly but it is worth every cent on a trip like this. Wet feet for a week can dampen the trip fast. Plus all he had to do was portage thru with his pack I done the double portaging.
Even though he has said that he wont go back I think he will. I can remember my first trip to Quetico I said the same thing afterwards. I sat out 2 years and been going strong since. I beleive this was trip 11 or 12.
Even though we all go there for one reason or another. We all have one thing in common. It's that north wind calling us back. Once it's under you skin, theres no washing it away. I hope everyone had a great trip this year. And hope to see more of you posts. Thanks Bo

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