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Food Preparation Ideas

Plan to take a generous amount of trail mixes (i.e., gorp) and candies along for snacking and to tide you through the unforeseen. Textured vegetable protein mixed with a beef soup base makes an inexpensive meat substitute. Pancake syrup: 2 to 1 mixes of brown sugar and hot water with mapeline added.

Margarine will keep a week if the weather isn't too hot. Apply soap to the outside of pots if cooking over a fire to make cleaning easier or put pots in their own pack bag without bothering to clean their outsides. For a white gas stove, bring one quart of fuel per person per week when cooking exclusively with a stove. For other cooking and recipe ideas consult Patricia J. Bell's book, Roughing it Elegantly or the National Outdoor Leadership School's, "NOLS Cookery," publication. Lunches may consist of cheeses and hard sausages (wrapped inside pita/flat bread or between crackers), beef jerky, dried fruits or trail mixes, candy bars (no chocolate in warm weather) or brownies plus powdered fruit drinks.

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