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It is difficult to avoid getting wet feet while on the trail, portages are often wet and swampy and embarking and disembarking from the canoe usually requires canoeists to step in the water, water that is often deeper than the top of the boot you are wearing. For any footwear ankle support is extremely important since portages are often slippery, rocky or have roots to trip on.

An injured ankle can be a serious affair when you are depended on to be an important “porter” of boats and packs. High top (to provide ankle support) basketball shoes (Hint: cut slits at the bottom for water drainage) is an inexpensive alternative footwear for a canoe trip. Or simply wear hiking boots and endure a wet “slosh” while on the trail.

The Chota Boot Company makes a boot for canoe travel called “Quetico Trekkers” which the author recommends. These boots have drain holes and a removable inner sole than can be dried rather quickly. Avoid Teva-type sandals since they provide neither ankle support nor insect protection. Some advocate wearing the Army's Jungle boot, purchased at US Calvary stores (accessed on the internet). These boots were designed for wet ground conditions.

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