Canoe Country Wilderness Canoeing
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Canoe camping campsiteA canoe trip into the wilderness can be an enjoyable experience (weather permitting!) if careful planning precedes the trip and proper procedures are observed during the trip. Remember that the wilderness can be unforgiving to the thoughtless.

There are four important themes to observe in any canoe trip: a) ecology - observe low impact use; b) safety - a serious injury in the wilderness where medical help is perhaps days away can be devastating, so NEVER take chances in the wilderness; c) clothing and equipment - bring only the essentials that are also simple, practical and durable; and d) personal conduct - exhibit: 1) cheerfulness in adversity, 2) a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, 3) initiative, 4) a work ethic and, 5) a good moral character.

A wilderness canoe trip can sometimes be arduous and uncomfortable: there must be some commitment on your part and not just casual interest, i.e., I am going because my best friend is or because he or she begged me to. During those times when life will be a little tough, do not complain! Much of the misery experienced while portaging in hot, humid, buggy days or trekking all day in wind and rain is mental. A positive, cheerful attitude is essential. All prospective canoeists must be able to swim, should be healthy (make dental and doctor appointments well before trip departure) and preferably be in excellent physical condition. If you are allergic to insect bites or stings, bring medication and let the trip leaders know of your potential risk.


99 or so fail-safe rules for canoe camping and
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