Trease to Angleworm

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Jean King-Sperlak
Season/Year: Summer 01
Water Level: low
Length: 486 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
Lee Hegstrand
Nate Flink

Portage Description:
This portage has everything you could want in a challenging portage! Mud! Boulders! Steep inclines! But that is just the first 150 or so rods - after that, it's really not too bad. You'll come across a rocky plateau where it does get a bit confusing on which direction to head - a fallen tree is on the original path - veer to the right and look for the cairns and you'll be right on track. Where the portage to Angleworm merges with the Angleworm Trail can also be confusing - this time choose the path toward the left.

Lake after portage: Angleworm
Known campsites: 3
Lake Description:

Beautiful - the site we stayed on was on the southeastern side of the lake.

Portage from Angleworm into:

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