Burntside to Crab*
*via Crab River

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: rj
Season/Year: Summer 03
Water Level: average
Length: 160+ rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
Because of a legal battle between the forest service and a lawyer/burntside-shoreline-owner over an easement, the single 320 rod Crab Lake Portage is closed. We encountered numerous forest service personel in the area who supposedly are working on new ways into Crab. In the meantime, the only (legal) route travels along the Crab River (which enters Burntside in the adjacent bay to the north of the original portage). Current is not distiguishable on the river (I'd compare it to the Korb or Nina Moose Rivers). You'll first encounter a short 5-ish rod portage at the river's effluent (on the left). Next is a quarter mile or so overgrown route around some narrow falls (again on left). A grassy landing to the right of another falls/dead-end is the beginning of your next portage that may be as long as a half mile-I apologize for my poor estimation skills. At the end of the portage you will notice a significant beaver dam just upstream-with no portage trail, unfortunately. The lift-over proved difficult but my dad who was on his maiden voyage and is a lil' shaky in the boat, managed. After a boggy-submerged-tree, swampy curve in the river you'll finally reach the straight western home-stretch of your route into Crab. Near the Crab Lake/River junction there was a log jam which during high water surely would be passable but forced us into another short 5 rod portage. One of the friendly forest service folk mentioned breaking out his saw on this unnatural obstacle. 5 short portages in total=not too bad but it may take you more than 2 hours. GL!

Lake after portage: Crab*
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

Nice lake with some good sized Smallies, and Pike (supposedly)

Portage from Crab* into:
Little Crab

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