Little Indian Sioux River -@Sioux Falls to enroute to Bootleg Lake from Echo Trail

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: guloguloguy
Season/Year: Fall 99
Water Level: unsure
Length: 10 rods
Rating: easy
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Portage Description:
Approaching the falls from downstream was a total pleasure- on a beautiful autumn day- I could hear the ominous roar of the falls long before I could see it! It's a long approach across a swampy tailwater- and one may snap some beautiful photos below the falls! It's difficult to take in enough of the whole view thru the lens. It looks like a mini bonsai garden scene - with a steady cascade of water running thru the split rocks- below a pine crested ledge on the opposite (east) bank. There aren't many campsites along this route and one may be forced to do so - I hope you are mindful enough to keep your presence/litter to a minimum! I saw some ash left by a past campfire- please don't mar the site with such obvious sign!

Above the falls, is a moderate stretch of moving water flowing over a contour lined with long weed- quite interesting! Further along one will begin to hear the sounds of a long stretch or rapids that you'll have to portage around(along the east bank). Here I first heard the roaring rapids as if it were the long lost chantings of a band of Native Americans; worshiping the nature's Great Spirit ! It was the MOST AWESOME, (and TRULY HAUNTING!) sound effect I've ever heard!!!! I'd make this trip again just to hear these "voices" again!!!!!!!!!!! This IS a Truly HOLY location! as far as I'm concerned! If you go, I hope you hear these "spirits" too!! It is a TOTAL JOY to behold them!!!

I saw lots of wolf sign along the trails/portages. It is a bit rugged- watch your step if traveling alone! be careful when putting back in above the rapids- don't get tempted to run the rapids- it's a long rough stretch-with a lot of white water, and it's cold at this time of year! above this rapids it gets very beautiful where the swampy stream-valley is lined with golden tamaracks, and dark spruces- slow current and many turns create a wonderful 3-D effect- like being in one of those old "view-master" slides! It's beautiful in the extreme when everything's covered with the glaze of an early morning frost or sleet!! Could the colors be any more beautiful?- greens, blues, golds, browns, reds, yellows galore! warm afternoons, Cold nights- and NO bugs! =SO FANTASTIC!!!! watch for the creek leading from the river- it's the way to go to get to the north end of Bootleg Lake! It's even more remote- lots of twists and turns- lots of grassy/reedy banks, and it pools below a trickling rocky outfall below the long rugged portage to Bootleg Lake. There's a lot of wolf scat along these trails. Watch out for rough ground/holes hidden under needles and leaves. Bootleg is SO Beautiful, and remote! it has one campsite at the point along the western shore. The eastern shore looks great from camp, in the mornings, evenings, and in the mist!- it's high, steep, and rugged. Listen for the loon, and perhaps a squadron of teal dropping in!

I wish I had tried to fish Bootleg- It's got to have some nice fishing!

(As always- please remember to pick up after yourself/ves and others- leave it in better shape for the next visitor/s!)

Lake after portage: enroute to Bootleg Lake from Echo Trail
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

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