Little Indian Sioux River to Upper Pauness

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Geno52
Season/Year: Summer 05
Water Level: low
Length: 60 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:
Tom Kendall

Portage Description:
Portage downhill most of the way. Nice spot to catch photos of river cascading over rocks along portage trail. Generally a decent path and landings on both ends. Little Indian Sioux River was low but passable along it's length although some spots were weed choked and required some effort to paddle through. Some small smallmouth bass and northerns were caught while paddling along its length.

Lake after portage: Upper Pauness
Known campsites: 4
Lake Description:

Upper Pauness has brown stained water and is for the most part shallow. Stayed on 2nd most southern campsite on the east side of the lake. There is a weed and wild rice filled bay on the south end. You have to go through this to reach the 8 rod portage which is basically up and over a rocky hill. Once through you have to paddle a short way to another lift over at a beaver dam. There is another portage from Upper Pauness to Lower Pauness that is along the east shore between the 2nd most southern campsite and the campsite that sits up on a rock point facing southerly. The landing at this portage is somewhat rocky. The portage itself is a good path that goes up and over another hill like the 8 rod, but longer in distance. The east end of this portage goes into a weedy bay on Lower Pauness.

Portage from Upper Pauness into:
Lower Pauness
Lower Pauness

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