Sturgeon* to Russell
*South of Sturgeon Narrows

Quetico portage
Posted by: Jim Cornyn
Season/Year: Summer 00
Water Level: high
Length: 400 meters
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
ymca camper

Portage Description:
STAIRCASE PORTAGE in the local parlance. The name pretty well says it all. The portage landing on the Sturgeon end is rocky and small. Then you go up... and up... and UP. Then you go down... and down... and down. It is a very high, up and down portage with a lot of rocks and roots. This is a short but VERY challenging portage. Most people prefer to take the "chute" from Sturgeon Narrows up into Russell. But you are paddling against the (sometimes) heavy current on this alternate route. Either way you get a workout - your legs if you take "Staircase", your arms if you take the "chute".

Lake after portage: Russell
Known campsites: 8+
Lake Description:

Chatterton Falls is the "tourist Spot" on Russell. You get a great view of the Falls for the vantage point of several campsites, or by taking the "tourist trail" up along the southern edge of the Falls channel. DO NOT mistake the "tourist trail" for a portage! The portage to Chatterton Lake is around a point and further south!

There is also a nice bog in the Northeast corner of the lake that is a lot of fun to explore!

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