Poohbah to Conmee

Quetico portages
Posted by: Kim Young
Season/Year: Summer 00
Water Level: average
Length: 780 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
There are 3 portages from Pooh Bah to Conmee. They are named the Memory Lane portages. I will describe each one for you.

The 1st portage (200 rods) starts out in a low area on the south end of Pooh Bah. Then you have a 50 foot incline to climb, mostly dirt. Then the trail becomes thick with bush branches since this is not used very much. After 10-15 minutes or so, you reach a mudhole/creek area. After crossing that, it seems pretty normal for a Q portage until the very end where you have to wade through knee high mud created by a small beaver dam to get to the unnamed lake/pond.

The 2nd portage (300 rods)is easy to find IF you have a Quetico Park Map. This portage is marked incorrectly on both the Fischer and McKenzie Maps. The portage is on the east end of the lake and there was a moose shed marking the spot. It is the easiest of the 3 portages. It is long but very flat and a very nice path to follow. Not any problems I remember with this portage.

The 3rd portage (280 rods) is the most difficult. The portage is a little more east of where it is marked on the maps. I starts out fairly normal until you hit a swampy area. This was long and difficult. Much sinking going on. We took our time and only one item (canoe or pack, not both). The remaining half was typical until the end where there is a small cliff to negotiate.

Lake after portage: Conmee
Known campsites: 2
Lake Description:

Conmee Lake has a nice campsite on the peninsula on the west end of the lake.

Portage from Conmee into:

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