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Metacryst Cutty The creek should be on your right as you portage, do NOT go up the hill but instead, follow along the water. The 'paths' up the hill are from animals and perpetually lost folks like myself. Follow along the creek as it will never leave your view as it meanders, or in hi water season paddle in as far as you can. The path is pretty easy and fairly short. Hardly any up and down as you would expect from following the waterline. Your very short hike will end in Cutty at the beaverdam/deadfall piles. 4 This lake has several higher rocky islands and points that look to support some fishing structure and habitat below the waterline and seems to have a fair amount of deep water. Several visible campsites. On the north/eastern side of the lake there is a fair amount of shallower water. Also notably to the far north, there is a horseshoe shaped unnamed lake that supports a fair amount of smallmouth in the western portion and channel, and though was a fun day trip out of Cutty, would not be a destination trip unless you are game for portaging unnamed water. If so, try the eastern side of the creek, it is passable. A Patterson #3 Central Quetico Fall 08 low 30 rods easy
Entry Point Stanton Bay The portage was great when we finally found it but there were no signs indicating the beginning of the portage. From the parking area, we headed off to the east down a trail that looked to be the portage, but a half mile in we found that we were at a dead end. It appeared others had done the same thing. not sure A beautiful point to enter the Quetico. Serene. Amos #2 Northeast Quetico Fall 08 average 75 rods easy
Ferguson Cache River The portage was difficult to locate, (100yds NE of the creek) and is just a bushwack till you get to the pond. Cross the pond... After that its easier to follow..about 1/2 way from the pond to the river, its swamp, that at time gets thigh deep...you will feel the burn.. not sure Cache River...there are two places to pitch a tent (barely) downstream of the portage ..one about 1/2 mile after the rapids and one about 1 mile after the rapids. Anglerjohn #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 05 unsure
rods difficult
Suzanette Conmee Flat brushy walk. not sure Conmee. Anonymous #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 06 average
rods average
Conmee William Long, brushy portage with a challenge at each end. The challenge on the Conmee end is finding it. Tall grass hides it from a canoes perspective. The challenge on the William end is the previously mentioned boulder field. 2
Anonymous #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 06 average
rods Rate this portage
Sturgeon Russell Very short portage. May be paddled if current and water level are perfect. Two campsites on left immediately upon entering into Russell. Second campsite is considered 5 star. 3 Clear lake and may harbor some sturgeon from Sturgeon Lake. Personally caught 35 lb. Sturgeon on Russell. Anonymous #3 Central Quetico Summer 06 low 7 rods easy
Robin Quetico On the Quetico Lake side there is a small rock pile that marks the portage. It rises pretty steeply for the first third, followed by a level stretch with deep (knee-high or more) mud. Footing is rocky and unsure in some places, and the mosquitoes can be quite bad. After two days of heavy rain much of it was swamped. Worthwhile, though, because Robin Lake is beautiful and secluded. 8+
Anonymous #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 08 high 480 meters difficult
Belaire Wawiag River I recall this portage to be low and over grown. For some of it I might not have even been on the trail but I did find the river so I must have been close. Tough portage and not a pretty hike. not sure We hit a nice site after a half day of weaving down the river heading back toward the falls chain. The River is interesting for awhile but starts to get long after a day on it. I would do this trip again.. it was tough and very isolated.. that's what I like. NOT a first timers trip in my opinion. Anonymous #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 95 average 320 rods difficult
Saganagons Falls Chain #2 <BR><BR>In low water June conditions the second protage (5 Rods) my be unnecessary, however, in September this short portage is vitally necessary. And when traveling upstream during this time be sure to launch your canoe away from the falls. Particularly on this portage as the launch area is tight and there is not room to turn the canoe away from the falls if launched in that direction. Paddling hard in reverse saved us from the falls after launching in the wrong direction. not sure
Anonymous #5 Southeast Quetico selected 10 average 5 rods Rate this portage
Pond Unnamed This portage lives up to it's name, "The Deathmarch" it begins with 2 take out places, with a fairly large are for gear and such. The mosquitos are always there worse this year than normal. It begins with a 50-60ft. ankle deep mud bog. People have thrown logs and such into it so be carefull. Then it progresses to a 100ft hill very slick in wet weather with lots of boulders. The hill gradually continues for the next 1/2 - 5/8 of a mile. Once on top it flattens out somewhat for aout a 60 yds. Then you reach the apex, and are looking at a steep downhill at a 45 degree angle almost 100ft. (GPS Elevation different 92ft.) There are lots of large boulders to navigate. Almost impassable in the rain. Small area at the bottom for gear. The put is is one of the nastiest I have seen. It is a shallow bog in the back of a bay. You will have to rock hop around to the right in order to float and load the canoe. If you do that you avoid most of the stinky muck. You can only launch one canoe at a time, unless some one gets really wet. GPS cords of the entrance on Pond are 4818'21.50"N, 9154'3.50"W<BR><BR><BR><BR>GPS cords for entrance from Unnamed are 4818'36.60"N by 9153'30.14"W<BR><BR><BR><BR>QPP portage clearing crew cleaned portage in July of 08. Very narrow and not used much. 1 Unnamed- Great fishing lake if you like Largemouth and Pike. Fished for 1/2 day and easily caught 50+ fish in the 16-18" size. Lots of shallow bays with lots of cover. Clear water. Antthony Thompson #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 08 average 220+ rods difficult
McNiece Kahshahpiwi This portage is longer than shown on Fisher Maps estimated approx 230 rods rather than 164on the map. Very rocky on the McNiece side climbing gradually along a bluff face overlooking a beaver meadow. Eventually you must cross the meadow at the midpoint and then angle over the bluff. There are two boggy sections along the way (one midway, and the other at the Kash side) as well as two slippery rock faces to traverse (again one midway and the other close to the end at the Kash side). The boggy areas were messy but at least had solid footing underneath. The most challenging section is a final scramble just before the exit to Kash up a 60 degree rock face for about 40 feet. It is much easier going up this face from McNiece to Kash than it would be going down in the reverse direction. It took us approx 25 minutes to make the trip across the portage taking it slow and steady making sure of our footing. It is difficult, but not impossible. 8+ Kahshahpiwi. Lots of camps around the portage exit. The island campsite has recently burned. The northeast half of Kahshahpiwi was burned in 2007 as well as McNiece and Shan Walshe. BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 average 230 rods difficult
Kahshahpiwi Trant Beavers have made 3 sets of dams along this portage. It is listed in the database in the recent past as being one long 200+ rod portage. In 2011 it consisted of 2 small portages with a large flooded area in the middle. The first out of Kahshahpiwi begins at the far Northeast of the lake on the right side and travels along the right side for approximately 40 rods. At this point there was a large beaver dam that allowed us to put-in and travel east for another 100 rods approximately. We had to lift over two additional beaver dams along the way until we eventually reached an area too thick and narrow to allow passage by canoe. From there we took out on the right and traveled another 60 rods approximately to Trant lake. Very rocky on both portage sections. In low water years, this must be a boggy mess. 4 Trant. The Pictographs are in the west side of the middle bay on the south of Trant Lake rather than on the far southwest arm of the lake as shown on the maps. BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 average 200 rods difficult
Trant Silence This describes the 6 portages through 5 un-named lakes between Trant and Silence lakes. The descriptions are written as one travels from Trant to Silence and I have numbered the lakes 1-5 in that direction of travel. All six portages have difficult rocky footing and multiple deadfalls. Portage entrances and exits have large rocky areas with very slick footing. This area gets limited use and was very overgrown in 2011. We found it necessary to scout each portage briefly on foot first due to the overgrowth.<BR><BR>The first two portages out of Trant into the chain of un-named lakes are the longest, each approximately 100 rods. We were able to shorten the first from Trant to un-named lake #1 by canoeing across the length of a beaver pond midway that flooded the area. Otherwise it has a difficult rock climb section for approximately 60 feet in the middle. <BR><BR>The second 100 rod portage from un-named #1 to un-named #2 is extremely rocky with two steep decent sections requiring caution. It was quite wet in 2011 and the footing was very slick in the two steep sections. <BR><BR>The portage between the 3rd and 4th un-named lakes from Trant requires care. This area has seen lots of beaver activity and required scouting to locate the appropriate portage entries at each lake. There are two portages entries in close proximity at the east end of un-named lake #3. One leads north to another large un-named lake, the other leads southeast to Silence lake. The portage you want is about 60 rods in length and exits un-named #3 on the left side of the stream over a beaver dam. There is a false trail on the right that will lead you into a boggy mess. Scout the area on foot first and check your compass to find the correct portage trail.<BR><BR>The remaining two 30 rod portages have difficult footing, but are short. Both are on the north side of the streams connecting the un-named lakes. 8+ 11 camps of varying quality along Silence Lake. Very nice lake. Watch out for submerged rocks all throughout the length of the lake. BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 average 6 portages totalling 300 rods difficult
Un-named Grey This describes the portage from an Un-named lake into Grey lake located along the chain connecting Shade and Grey lakes. As described in the other write-ups, there are apparently two portage trails out of the un-named lake that lead up to an odd intersection midway along the portage. If you are not careful at the intersection and take the easier path presented you will find yourself back at the Un-named lake between Grey and Shade lakes. The intersection occurs just before a very difficult boggy crossing across an old beaver meadow. You must go across the swamp section in order to get to Grey lake. If you try to bypass the swamp by taking the other fork in the path it just leads back down to where you started. Numerous logs and debris have been placed along this 50 yard swamp to help with footing with varying degrees of success. Take your gear one piece at a time across this section. A person could get in serious trouble if they fell in while carrying a gear pack and canoe simultaneously across this mess. The group in front of us lost a shoe and never did find it. Once you get through the swamp, the rest of the rocky portage is not bad as it descends to Grey lake. 4 Beautiful lake with nice cliffs and a couple island campsites. BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 unsure 120 rods difficult
Shade Un-Named This describes the portage out of Shade lake to an un-named lake that will connect with Grey lake to the north. <BR><BR>We had a bit of difficulty locating the entrance to this portage. It is located along a bearing of 300 degrees as sighted from the campsite in the middle of Shade lake. There is a car sized large rock with a vertical flat face approximately 6o yards to the north of the portage entrance. Look for a grove of old growth pine and the portage is in a rocky cove just to the south of the large pines. <BR><BR>The portage itself starts out wet and soggy, then leads gradually uphill until it levels out on the way to the un-named lake. <BR><BR> 2 Smallish lake with two campsites midway along the north and south shores. BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 average 80 rods difficult
Shan Walshe McNiece The area around Shan Walshe, McNiece, and the northeast half of Kahshahpiwi burned in 2007. The shorelines of Shan Walshe and McNiece are almost entirely burned. <BR><BR>Fisher maps show this portage slightly off. It basically follows the stream between the two lakes rather than to the west as shown on the map. Very large old-growth pines in this area. 2 The fire has greatly influenced campsite options on McNiece. It is possible to brush out three or four sites on the north and east, but the only good locations are two sites at the west end of the lake. BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 average 30 rods average
Basswood (Bayley Bay) Burke Easiest portage in all of Quetico. There is a beaver dam that has been constructed mid-way along this portage that was not present in 2009. If this is enlarged it may flood the portage and make it sloppy, but it is a piece of cake as it is. 8+ Nice clear, deep lake BioteachK #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 11 average 85 rods easy
Unnamed* Kahshahpiwi lake After more than two hours of serching failed to find a means of making passage on the right or east side. Several weak paths were promising at the start but all petered out. Eventually crossed to the west on the beaver pond above the beaver dam. Made my way paddling through sludge beyond the boulders below the high cliff. Managed to reach solid enough ground to follow a path along the cliff heading north, then bearing right (east) through a wet low area with roots and wash outs immediately after clearing the pond (maybe 100 yards). A few substantial blow downs and eventually a previously well traveled path north to Kahshahpiwi. See 2007 entry. 5 Several aparently good campsites in the first couple of miles on Kahshahpiwi according to Fischer map. All had been burned out in a fire. Bjohnson #4 Southwest Quetico selected 06 unsure 200 rods difficult
Unnamed* Kahshahpiwi lake See my 2006 entry. Beaver dam @ south end of beaver pond was out. Dropping the water level in the pond by a couple of feet. It was enough to make the crossing to the west side of the pond impossible. This is necessary to get around giant boulders stacked up under the high cliff above. Camped at the campsite on Unnamed lake and turned back the next morning. I ran into ranger the next day on Basswood Lake who claimed that the portage is on the right (east). In previous years I haven't found one there. In the future I will approach Kahshahpiwi from other options to the east. not sure
bjohnson #4 Southwest Quetico Spring 07 high 200 rods never again
That Man No Man We skipped this portage all together and paddled thru the creek that flows from No Man to That Man. Water was lower than June 2003, but still enough to float the canoe most of the way. The bottom is sandy so when you need to get out that is not a problem. Two small beaver dams required pull-over. 1 smaller lake... mostly a paddle thru. bobber#3 #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 07 low 101 rods easy
Poohbah Maligne River While fishing on Poohbah we scouted this portage as a potential shortcut to the Maligne. The portage was not well marked. Lots of downed trees & boggy areas. Didn't look like it would be worth the heartache, so back out Poohbah creek we went. None at all
bstanbary Quetico Fall 06 low
rods difficult
Darky Ballard With windy conditions the walleye were stacked up along the east shore line. Great lake for a day trip from Darky. not sure
bstreet Quetico Spring 08 high
rods easy
Agnes Silence With the water level moderately high, we were able to paddle through the small creek between the lakes to the south of the portage. 2
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 8 rods easy
Unnamed lake northwest of Silence unnamed lake Portage is on the east side of the creek, not the west as indicated on McKenzie 27 (Agnes). Alternating rocky and swampy path. None at all
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 39 rods average
Unnamed lake southeast of Trant Unnamed lake further southeast of Trant Don't be deceived by the length of this portage or the few elevation lines it crosses. This portage is much harder than many that are twice as long. Many very steep, rocky stretches; lots of boulder hopping. None at all
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 94 rods difficult
Trant Unnamed lake to the southeast Like the next portage to the southeast, this one is much harder than the map suggests. Expect steep climbs and boulder-strewn stretches. Beginning from a campsite about a mile and half northwest of the Agnes/Silence portage and double-portaging, we covered only four miles (to the first campsite we found in Trant) in about six hours the day we did this stretch. None at all
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 97 rods difficult
Trant Kahshahpiwi The second week in June, with the water level moderately high (about eight inches below the high water mark on the bigger lakes), we easily paddled the middle portion of this portage, and the trails on either end were relatively smooth and level. Coming from the north, however, the connections between the trail and the water were not obvious. <BR><BR>On the northern end, we did not find a spur from the path to the stream that another group had told us about. They said it was less than the 88 rods from the north end of the portage that older maps suggest, but after several failed attempts to locate it, we ended up just walking through the swampy grass when the path was near the water (and thus avoided a couple beaver dams and dead falls). The bottom was fairly firm, and loading our canoes was easy. <BR><BR>At the southern end of the navigable water, there's a high beaver dam, and we had a hard time finding our way back onto the trail. After some scouting, we did find the path going north from the dam. But the combination of high water, beaver dam, and major deadfalls disguised (obliterated) the path to the south. <BR><BR>We finally found the trail after snaking through some low hanging branches over the east end of the beaver dam. The first stretch of the portage looked like a rock-bottomed stream. About 20 further south, the path finally came up out of the water and looked like a proper portage. <BR><BR>Judging from a photo I saw from someone who took this route just a few weeks before we did, I'd say the beavers are very industrious, so the situation might be quite a bit different for future parties. The trail runs close to the water, and if the water keeps getting higher, more of the trail will be under water.<BR><BR>By the way, ignore older maps, which show a southern-end portage on the west side of the stream. It's long gone.<BR><BR>Coming from the south, the path-water transitions seem easier to find. On the southern stretch, the path would drop into the water, you'd clamber round the end of the beaver dam, wind your way through a few trees, load up your canoes, and sail on! not sure
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 237 rods average
Kahshapiwi McNiece The western end of this portage is mismarked on McKenzie 27 (Agnes). You'll find it at nearly the southern end of the small bay. In high water, it was between a small water fall on the left and high rocks on the right. Because of this mismarking, I suspect the trail is much longer than the 165 rods indicated on the map. It sure felt a lot longer than that!<BR><BR>The rock face others have mentioned on the portage itself is a small cliff, not an expanse of rock you can just walk across. Coming from the west, stay to the left (north), and you'll easily find the trail at the bottom. We had to hand our canoes down. not sure
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 165+ rods difficult
Shan Walshe Yum Yum This portage is mismarked on McKenzie 27 (Agnes). The western end is nearly at the southern end of the bay on the north side of the small stream. not sure
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 20 rods easy
Grey unnamed on the way to Shade If you are heading from the southern end of this portage into the unnamed lake and on to Shade, take a compass bearing and make sure you head south across the unnamed lake. DO NOT follow the shore to the east and take the "obvious" portage you'll find on the east side. If you take that in-between portage, you find that after an easy beginning, you are on a narrow, twisting, tortuous trail--that will take you right back to the swamp on the 128-rod path. <BR><BR><BR><BR>I'm embarrassed to say that I have twice been with groups that have made this mistake, and the second time we did it, we encountered a group that had just done exactly the same thing. (After we made our first mistake, we dubbed the unnamed lake "Groundhog Lake"--for painfully obvious reasons!)<BR><BR><BR><BR>Coming from Shade through unnamed lake on your way to Grey, choose the northern-most portage on the east end of unnamed, not the first (southern) one you'd encounter on the east end. not sure
Buffy #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 high 128 rods difficult
Kenny McEwen This portage kicked our butts. for a group of mid 40's guys single portaging this was a bear. The trail is without obstruction but the ups and downs as well as the length made is a challenge for a couple in our group having to rest partially through. Not dangerous but not easy either. not sure
bulldawg #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 07 average 260 rods difficult
Batchewaung Bay Pickerel* I would describe this as the rapids on the map at the southeast end of Batchewaung Bay. No portage needed while we were there. Paddled right through. One canoe in our group got hung up on some rocks. This was end of July 2010. Water was up. 8+
Buster #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 10 high
rods easy
Pine Portage Bay Dore Lake Slight uphill when leaving Pine Portage Bay and then gradual decline to Dore Lake. The Fisher Map shows a campsite at each end of the portage. On the Pine Portage Bay side we seen nothing resembling a campsite. When we got to the Dore Lake side it wasn't much better but we were able to squeeze two tents and three canoes in. It was late in the day and we needed to make camp. Wouldn't camp there again. Tents were literally two feet off the portage trail. No beach. Water high I guess. Next morning headed to Twin Lakes. Passed an island campsite right above the start of the Deux River that would of been a much better place. Also, we did not have any luck finding the pictographs on Dore Lake. 2
Buster #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 10 high 97 rods easy
Twin Lakes Sturgeon Lake The Deux River was actually up. We had a total of four beaver dams on the way to Sturgeon. We had to pull over two of them and the other two were broke in the middle and we paddled through. Grass in the middle of the river was knocked down enough by previous paddlers that we didn't have any trouble. Have heard this can be virtually impassable if the water is low. Never had that trouble at all. Heard this is prime moose habitat and it appeared that way. Was as quiet as could be and moved slowly and saw no moose. We did however see one spot were the water had been stirred up pretty good near a trail to who knows where. So, maybe we came close. 8+
Buster #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 10 high
rods easy
Sturgeon Ram I rate this at average just because of the fact that about two thirds of the way through the portage you come to water. Now it was obvious to us that this wasn't Ram Lake because of all the trees still standing in the water. Anyway we walked through this as far as we could (it got waste deep) before we backed up put our gear in the canoes and went on. The beavers had made a damn on the high ground and we were forces to canoe part of the portage trail. It really was kinda neat because you could see the route through the standing trees you were paddling your canoe through. It wasn't far tho', maybe 25 yds. and then we were able to get out and portage our gear on into Ram. There was one tricky mud hole after the beaver pond. not sure
Buster #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 10 high 96 rods average
Ram Antoine Mud, mud, mud,,,,,Found the portage on the Ram side and headed towards Antoine. The landing on Ram seemed pretty dry. We didn't make it twenty yds up a slight incline headed for Antoine and the trail got muddy. About halfway through there was one deadfall. I tried to go around and made it barely and the guy behind me slipped and fell. Mud from head to toe. After a gradual climb we came to a T in the trail and at that point the trail was dry again. Go left and you are just a few yards from Antoine. This portage seemed longer than 24 rods most likely due to the mud. Fun tho'. not sure Antoine was a beautiful lake. Didn't look like there would be much for campsites on it. Nothing much too level. We went through Antoine so we could see the "Cave on Antoine". There is a rather large heart shaped island near the south end of Antoine near the west shore. If you stay on west side of the island as you travel by you should have no trouble finding it. Buster #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 10 high 24 rods average
Maligne River Poohbah While on a late July 2006 trip up the Maligne River, my son and I were never able to find the portage from the Maligne into Poohbah lake. Water levels in the Maligne were a bit low which may have contributed to the overgrown shoreline and lack of definitive features. After an hour or so of bushwacking every likely looking spot we headed up the river and camped on Sturgeon Lake. not sure
canoefly #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 06 low
rods difficult
walter lonely This portage is in three parts -- a short portage of maybe 50 metres to a very small pond, and then a paddle of about 50 metres, and finally a 200 metre easy portage into Lonely. We tried to find a way to walk around the pond, because the map seems to indicate that there may be one, but we couldn't find it. The only reason for the average rating (as opposed to easy), is the hastle of the paddle in the middle. (Note: we were here after a very dry spell) not sure A beautiful lake that seemed at odds with its name: It deserved visitors. canoeman #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 07 low 300 meters average
fern bud This portage is really two portages separated by a paddle of about 200 metres. The first, at least in water as low as it was in late summer '07, is very easy to avoid by pushing the canoe upstream. The second is also an easy one, but no avoiding the carrying here. not sure Nice little lake with islands, but the west end has been burnt in the last 15 years sometime. canoeman #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 07 low 175 meters easy
Lonely No-name Portage seemed easy at first as there is an older trail from lonely. The upstream paddle was a wade in 3 feet of mud for about 400 yards and the old moose trail has been abandoned. second lake wasn't that hard to get after getting to this one. Just a 100 yard pull through the woods. None at all Relatively small, kind of a rusty color to the water but pretty clear non the less. looked like great structure but only caught a handful of fish. Second lake had a lot better clarity and is considerably larger, but the fishing was about the same. a handful of fish for a lot of work. Chad #1 Northwest Quetico Spring 09 average 150 rods difficult
Sturgeon Ram Alternate route from Sturgeon to Ram. Basically, it is the small creek flowing north out of Ram. Take winding route through grass marsh out of Sturgeon to LARGE beaver dam. Over beaver dam and through pond to upper end of Ram . Portage is on East side about 100 meters. Water probably should be high. Landing on Ram is rocky. Route is little used. We learned about this route from outfitter. Not a time saver but much less strenuous and it's scenic. 1 Ram 1 campsite on east side between normal portage and northern outlet. Dark lake. Caught the largest walleye of the trip trolling through here Charles Moore #3 Central Quetico Summer 12 high 100 meters average
Poobah Berniece portage from Poobah was easily located/easily followed. top of portage ends in beaver pond. On trip in we went through the beaver pond which is possible. we day tripped in so we were traveling light. The pond is more of a bog with lots of floating vegetation. By standing on the vegetation (one foot in and one foot out) we were able to make it through.<BR><BR> For the trip out we used the actual portage which is to the right of the beaver pond as facing Poobah. portage itself is good until reaching the beaver pond side of the potage from Poobah. We floated our gear the short distance across the pond to the 1st portage and continued on to Poobah. 2 different ratings for this. The actual foot portages are easy once they are found. If using the beaver pond it is more difficult. 1 Beautiful scenery, rocky outcroppings. Nice rocky island where lake narrows going south (shore lunch). Fishing was excellent. Pike were ok, largemouth bass were outstanding. Multiple occasions with 4 fish on at once. Fish for the largemouth like you would for smallmouth Charlie #3 Central Quetico Fall 09 average 171 rods easy
Poohbah Maligne River Did this portage in spring of 1982 right after a blowdown and fire. It was difficult then but OK if you could get under/over the waist high deadfalls. I am going to check it out this year and will post my finding if I survive. Have traveled it a few time before then and remember it as the dreaded Hoffman portage. I was hoping to get an update but it looks like it doesn't get much use. May be a good project for the protage crew. None at all Maligne River Charlie Blixt Quetico Spring 95 unsure long meters difficult
Basswood* Unnamed* much easier than years past trail not under water, downed trees cut- Took Portage on our way to Kett, still not a cake walk.. 1
ChrisP Quetico Fall 10 average 280 rods difficult
Brent McIntyre Considering some of the portages we went through, these two were not too bad. They were rocky, however, easy to manuver. not sure
Clouserminnow Quetico Summer 06 unsure
rods average
Burke Basswood* Probably the easiest portage we faced within Quetico. It was flat, no boulders or deadfalls. not sure
Clouserminnow Quetico Summer 06 unsure 84 rods easy
Sara McIntrye This was an uphill portage and rocky. We had some difficulty with it but the McIntrye side was great. 8+ Sarah is a large lake with islands as you go south. There are several nice campsites along the lake, including one at the exit going to McIntryre. Clouserminnow Quetico Summer 06 unsure 24 rods difficult
Wicksteed Ballard The markings were old so I am sure it is not used too much. It was an fairly easy uphill for the first half and then a gentle slope to Ballard. Going from Ballard to Darky was simple<BR><BR> not sure
Clouserminnow #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 05 low 100 rods average
Ballard WIcksteed Obviously not used very heavily, however, not too difficult going either direction. The area is fairly open and that makes it easier to travel. No big hills, footing good going both directions. not sure
Clouserminnow Quetico Summer 06 low
rods average
Antoine Sturgeon Portage from Antoine to Sturgeon Narrows was actually taken early in June 2010, but default options on database required me to insert 2009 instead. Landing on Antoine is located just to right of creek and I agree with Pete that this is indeed a climber about 25% of the way down the trail. Took about 20-25 minutes to walk one way with load but trail was in pretty good shape overall with no major obstacles along route. <BR><BR>Landing at Sturgeon required one to walk about 75 feet from trail to lake which was at least 2-3 feet low in early June 2010. not sure
dankreher Quetico Spring 09 low 1100 meters difficult
McDougall Eag Portage from McDougall is thankfully well maintained through boggy area near lake with lots of corduroy. Only obstacles encountered on my recent daytrip in early June 2010 were two downed trees across trail as you come down the elevation from McDougall towards No-Name lake draining into Eag. Required some fancy footwork to keep canoe on shoulders and not rip my pants. <BR><BR>No-Name lake seems devoid of fish and is quite tannin stained and shallow. Creek draining to Eag was floatable to small beaver dam just above drop into Eag requiring a short pull over on right side as you are traveling East. Last trip through here in 1995 required a slog through the muck of the creek to get out of Eag. 2 Best campsite on Eag seems to be on left bank on back side of large rocky outcrop about 400 yards north of Cutty Creek entrance from Cub. Recall it having decent tent pad and shade with reasonable landing. Walleye fishing is fairly decent in Eag based on my few trips through area over past years. Pretty lonely back in here most of the time. dankreher #3 Central Quetico Spring 09 low 750 meters average
Fern Bud Agree with portage description. Was able to line canoe upstream from Fern to next pool below Bud in June 2010 with little difficulty. 2 There are at least two decent campsites on Bud. The first coming out of Fern is on red-pine studded island just NW of portage landing. The other is on island to west of portage landing on SW corner of lake on wooded island. Fishing in Bud is pretty fair particularly around the numerous deadfalls near burned out shorelines and along its abundant islands and rocky shoals. Much of lake seems riverine with slight current flowing along its length. Falls entering and leaving lake make Bud a nice little spot for a layover day as you're moving down B Chain. dankreher #3 Central Quetico Spring 09 low 200 meters easy
Lac La Croix Brewer Well traveled portage with a good bit of an incline and some tricky footing. Completely dry with no lift-overs. 1 Brewer is a nice sized lake. Did not do any fishing, but it did look very promising- especially with Brewer Rapids on one end and McAree Rapids on the other.<BR><BR>Campsite is directly on the portage from Brewer to McAree- you will see others passing through if you stay there. Dave Strate #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 09 average 45 rods average
Brewer McAree Flat and wel travelled portage almost straight through the middle of a campsite right to the south side of the rapids- almost a lift over. 8+ McAree (pronounced McCree) is a large lake with what we found to be good fishing in August. Pike, Walleye and large smallmouth bass were all caught. Rebecca Falls lies at the south end and a truly spectacular campsite lies right between the 2 falls at a nice elevation. Dave Strate #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 09 average 20 rods easy
McAree Iron Relatively flat and gentle portage. Dry, but heavily wooded and well populated with mosquitos. Swampy/rocky landings on each side. 8+
Dave Strate #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 09 average 60 rods average
Argo Darkwater incredibly clear water. when sunlight hits it it becomes a bright teal color. a bit windy, but well worth it. the best tasting water ive ever had. not sure commonly known as the naked portage. very nice beach landings on both ends. mostly flat, until the middle when it starts to rise, but then slowly goes back down until the end of the portage. david goldstein #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 07 unsure 120 rods easy
Poohbah Berniece The original portage based on Fisher maps was occupied by a large beaver lake. Portage entry was approximately 50-60 yards north of the map location. The portage trail was narrow with a few sharp turns that presented nice abrupt stops while walking the canoe through into Berniece. not sure Berniece ended up being a very good spot for large mouth and smaller northerns. David O Quetico selected 04 average 192 rods difficult
Wink Poohbah Very steep up and down from Wink into Poobah. At the time of the portage in 2004, there were many trees down that increased the difficulty of the portage. The last several rods into Poobah were very steep and required a hand-off of gear to make the last section. Walking the portage with gear/canoe in hand was risky. not sure Poobah is a big lake with potential for Walleye, lake trout and northerns. Set aside at least four days in order to cover even half of the lake. Found the lake to be a bit more crowded in terms of people due to the fact that float plane access to the lake was possible. David O Quetico Spring 04 high
rods difficult
Rawn Art Rocks and roots...same as most portages. Not much up and down not sure
dean evenson #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 09 average
rods average
Glacier McEwen Two small portages with a couple rocky spots in the middle. In general a nice walk. The paddle to glacier from McEwen is worth the time. Caught 15 pike and smallies in a couple of hours in Glacier. not sure
Dean Evenson #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 12 high 25 rods average
Lac La Crouix Sturgeon <BR><BR>Portages By Magline River To Sturgeon not sure
Don Shaw #3 Central Quetico Summer 08 unsure B rods Rate this portage
Basswood, North Bay South Lake This was supposed to be a 9-rod portage; however, due to a combination of drought and a significant beaver dam, most of the half-mile channel leading to the portage was too shallow to paddle. This made an easy 9-rod portage into a half-mile trek through a swamp, with plenty of mosquitos to add to the misery. No apparent alternate path in the woods on firmer ground. This is the shortest route into the popular S-chain. not sure
Doug Faherty #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 07 low 9 rods difficult
Agnes Silence Ample parking space at both ends, however, the entry into Silence is ringed with many rocks that form a small pool that then opens into the lake. 4 Stained lake, GREAT fishing. Caught so many smallmouth I lost track, including some VERY nice ones, 5-6lb range. Walleye fishing was also decent. There are some massive boulders in the middle of the lake and else where, so beware, they sit anywhere from 3" below the surface to a few feet down. My suggestion is to stay about 30 yards off the shoreline, but still beware!! Saw a massive bull moose there that swam across the lake to have a visit (the narrows of the lake on the southern arm). Drewfus #5 Southeast Quetico Fall 06 average 10 rods easy
Burke Basswood Sandy beaches on either end of this portage are great, with lots of room on the Basswood side. It is fairly flat, fairly wide, clearly defined, easy to find, just an all around great portage. A great way to end a trip coming out of the S-Chain back to P-P. 8+ Basswood is a BIG lake and can get nasty at times. However, there are lots of islands and bays and inlets that can provide shelter. Fishing is good to boot! The lake borders the US and Canada, so beware of catching Canadian fish on the US side and visa versa, you will need to bring each one to customs for a full inspection ;) Drewfus #5 Southeast Quetico Fall 06 average 80 rods easy
Bitchu Ross We made the mistake of trying to find the marked (and blazed) portage that does not exist. Go up the creek, pull over a beaver dam, and make she short portage to Ross. not sure Motor boats as this is outside the park. Duane #5 Southeast Quetico Spring 06 high 20 rods easy
Munro Mack Longish, with a small hill at the start. Nice walk then down a steel long hill (a descent into a minor circle of hell). Then you get 30 rods of major suckmud, quagmire, bog hopping to a nasty put-in into Mack. I would never take this portage from Mack to Munro, as the hill would be a beast to go up. not sure All but southern shore burned in the 1995 Bird Anubis fire. Duane #5 Southeast Quetico Spring 06 high 240 rods difficult
Mack Mack Creek Downhill, tricky put-in in a boulder field. not sure Mack Creek. Short pull-over over riffles a short distance after the portage. Very pretty in Mack Creek, but just wait till you get to the log jams in the Wawiag, so rest up! Duane #2 Northeast Quetico Spring 06 high 15 rods average
Mack Creek Kawnipi Multiple log jams on the Wawiag. Better than the last time I went thru in 1999, as those required climbing up very steep river banks and portaging/bushwhacking around them. The log jams (about 4) are smaller and in most cases you can move the logs out of the way, or worst case, drag your canoe over the logs, while you hop amongst them. While dragging your loaded canoe over logs, while hopping on them in the middle of a river is a recipe for a broken leg or worse, it is very entertaining. 8+ Kawnipi, Kawa Bay. Nothing needs to be said, as if you are here, you know why. Duane #2 Northeast Quetico Spring 06 high
rods difficult
Delahey Conmee Just long, but much better marked that I would have suspected, after reading all the tales in the Delahey Lake Olive Jar. Start early when it is cooler, as hauling gear for about 3 miles each way can be hot work. Pay attention to a few Inukshuk markers that steer you away from swampy areas about midway. 4 Great Walleye lake. Duane Rutan Quetico selected 08 average 800 rods difficult
Trant Kahshahpiwi Agree, two portages on the map is optimistic and depends on the life of a Beaver family. We were able to put in briefly, but not really worth it. Coming from Trant, there is a steep downhill creek (partially Beaver Dam blocked), that you get to slither down to Kashapiwi. 8+ What a great lake. Lake Trout heaven in the spring. Duane Rutan Quetico selected 09 high 400? rods difficult
Keewatin Hurlburt Creek Author is correct, all maps put the entrance to the portage from Keewatin to the creek near the creek mouth. So many have probed the creek mouth there are crappy trails all over the place. The real entry to the portage is around the little point to the north of the creek mouth. 2 part portage. Second part unremarkable into unnamed lake leading to Williams and Payne Lake (wow on the pictogaphs in Ahsin Bay, a must see). None at all Unnamed small passthru en route to Williams and Payne Duane Rutan Quetico selected 09 average 300 rods difficult
Kahshahpiwi Unnamed* The Beavers are dead. This portage used to be great. Nice and passable, dropping into a Beaver pond, then a pull over the Beaver dam. Now however, in the spring when water is high, the former Beaver pond is an impassable muck covered swamp. So for the last 80 Rods, you can slog thru suckmud on the left, or rockhop over Volkswagon sized boulders on the right (rather dangerous). not sure Un-named pass thru to Side Lake Duane Rutan Quetico selected 09 average 200 rods difficult
Side Lake Unnamed This is the portage on the northeast corner of the lake, opposite side of the lake from the portage into Side from Sarah. Little used portage and I now know why. Steep and long uphill grind with overgrown/blowdown. The unnamed lake you arrive into, then takes you south to another unnamed lake, southeast of Side Lake (on your way to Isabella or Point Lakes). not sure
Duane Rutan #5 Southeast Quetico Spring 09 average 100 rods never again
Fern Bud The first portage is at a campsite. We walked the canoe through the stream because it was too shallow to paddle. The second portage goes around a beautiful water fall/rapids. Once through the second portage follow the trail back to the falls...it's worth it. not sure
Edventure73 #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 08 average
rods easy
Pickerel Narrows Maria VERY Mosquito packed! 5 Short paddle to Maria. Edventure73 #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 08 average 310 meters average
Halliday Sturgeon Tough and full of mosquitos. 8+ The topography in NE Sturgeon into Pickerel River is confusing. The tall reeds will lead you to believe that you are lost, but look for the clearing to the North. Edventure73 #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 08 average 960 meters difficult
Oliphant Fern This is a long portage and I recommend taking it in two trips. On the way back for the rest of your belongings there is a bluff that overlooks a small lake that is in the middle of the portage. It is breath taking. 4 Great campsite on the SW peninsula on Fern Lake. There is a deep swimming hole on the North and some good fishing on the South in the bay. In the morning we woke to a cow moose and her calf next to the campsite. We watched the sun set and the moon rise from this campsite. Edventure73 #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 08 average 1600 meters difficult
Rawn Art Someone called this portage as easy as they come. It was, to a point. On one of our trips from Rawn to Art, I accidently sprayed myself with some bear spray. Got it right in the groin. Not the best place if you're a male. <BR><BR>My girlfriend yelled at me to strip off my pants right away and I waded out into the bay at the Art Lake end of this portage. You talk about burning pain, my friends. Guys will understand more than women. I washed off the sprayed areas with soap and a wash cloth and it didn't seem to do any good. I was about ready to pass out from the pain (not from embarassment). I had my noggin between my legs for about five minutes. <BR><BR>Thankfully in 30 minutes the pain from the Paprika in the mace left my groin area. I since refer to this area of Art Lake as not sure Despite the trauma, it was a beautiful summer day and the lake was bluer than the sky. Enlightened Quetico Summer 06 unsure 20 rods easy
Art Buckingham Two stages from Art to Buckingham. First step is rocky and twisting going, though short. <BR><BR>After paddling over the short, shallow and rusty-colored pond, you'll arive at the portage landing that takes you into Buckinghmam. The landing is wide and flat and the portage is a gradual incline of about 5 degrees. Beautiful deep woods make it a natural shady cooler between lakes. not sure
Enlightened #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 06 low 50 rods average
Stanton Bay Pickerel We were stranded on Pickeral for three days because of a prolonged and gusty SW wind. We island hopped in the early mornings, when the wind was relatively subdued, and made it to Lookout Island on the third day of our trip to the Dawson Creek Ranger Station. If you're able, always camp on the southwest side of Lookout Island, as the black flies on the other side of the island are merciless. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Stranded on Lookout and running out of food, we decided that we would try to exit at Stanton Bay abd hike or hitchhike back to the Ranger Station at Dawson Creek rather than wait out the wind and shoot the length of Pickerel.<BR><BR><BR><BR>We spent one night on Lookout Island. The following day, we paddled furiously across the quarter-mile of open water on Pickeral to the land that brings you to Stanton Bay. <BR><BR><BR><BR>The portage is longer and is a slight upgrade over the trail, maybe 10 degrees in all, with 5 of the 10 degrees coming in the final 8 rods. After spending two weeks in Quetico, the wooden steps up the trail to the parking lot from Stanton were surprising and seemed out of place compared with the rest of the park. But we were in no mood to complain about the easy walk on the planks. <BR><BR><BR><BR>With a canoe on your shoulders, it's about a 12-minute walk up to the parking lot. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> None at all
Enlightened Quetico Summer 07 average 80 rods easy
Sheridan That Man Stream next to landing (just North) is pretty, still happy to have your butt out of the canoe at this point, but just wait. Very pretty but watch your ankles on the slippery rocks. Take the longer of the 2 landings into no-man, nuch easier and better footing. No man has great rock jumping site, not great tent pads, only good fishing was where stream enters lake (walleye). 1 small lake, fish at stream entrance or don't waste your time. If you day trip to Cheatham bay, watch out for the wind coming back. Feltch #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 03 average 160+ rods difficult
unnamed gillnet large rocks and standing water impeded progress on the trail. The steep area at the beginning caused our 9 person 2 family group to leap frog the gear which slowed us down a good deal. not sure
frank #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 08 high 175 rods difficult
McDougall Eag The portage heads south on corduroy over muskeg for about 75m before climbing onto higher ground. Several climbs and descents occur along the portage, but a fit tripper should have no problem here. 1
G.Hommes #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 average 650 meters average
Baird Unnamed This fairly brushy portage starts easy enough, but soon passes over about 50m of muskeg. You will get wet to your knees, at least. Trail continues on dry ground to unnamed lake enroute to Metacryst Lake. None at all
G.Hommes #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 average 200 meters difficult
Unnamed Metacryst Brushy, rocky portage, but not difficult. Typical of the lesser-used routes in Quetico. 2 Long, narrow lake with only a couple of lightly-used campsites. G.Hommes #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 average 385 meters average
Keats McDougall Apart from the steep climb from Keats Lake, this portage is average in difficulty and in good shape. Watch out for the poison ivy on the Keats end of the portage. Old maps list this portage to be 500m in length. The 350m shown on newer maps is closer to reality. 4
G.Hommes #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 average 350 meters average
Darky Lake William Lake The portage descriptions remain accurate as of this writing. The nameless lake where the route veers east toward William Lake is sometimes known as "Cloverleaf Lake", and from there eastward you paddle a lily-pad lined channel to a pond just west of William Lake. You must pull over two beaver dams before entering William Lake. 3 William Lake has stained water. One thing I noticed was a lack of cedars along its shoreline, probably as a result of past forest fires. G.Hommes #3 Central Quetico Summer 11 average
rods average
Heronshaw Kawnipi Easy to find if you ignore the Fisher Map. The portage is between the two shown on the map. It is next to and to the right of the stream that runs out. The stream is correctly marked on the map. The map shows two portages, but we did not find either of them. We did see where people had tried to bushwhack through the grass trying to find the more northern of the two map portages. As noted in the Kawnipi to Heronshaw portage description, both ends are mismarked on the map. not sure
Gary #3 Central Quetico Summer 08 high 42 rods easy
Mack Creek Kawnipi In 2007, there were 3 massive logjams on the Wawiag River to the west of the marked portage around the rapids. In 2008, these logjams were gone. The blockages we encountered were easily circumvented without leaving the canoe. 4 Kawnipi GFT #2 Northeast Quetico selected 08 average
rods Rate this portage
This Man No Man The stream was easily navigable. It looked like someone had gone through and done substantial maintenance to remove the limbs and obstructions. not sure
glider #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 08 average 0 rods easy
Sturgeon Halliday Long but made arduous by elevation climb and descent. Not well-travelled which made some bush-whacking necessary. Weather good so previously described bogs were not that sloppy but whoever decided to insert corduroy logs parallel to trail as opposed to horizontal, made going quite treacherous! Agree with Dave's comment about big bass in Sturgeon north bay. not sure didn't notice much. wind was blowin' and we headed onto to Elizabeth Gpa #3 Central Quetico Summer 11 average 880 meters difficult
Halladay Elizabeth similar to portage out of Sturgeon - long, rocky elevation gain. Perhaps influenced by a long, tiring day but this was last of three difficult portages and/or poling effort (Deux Rivieres) all accompanied by strong westerlies. not sure Long, narrow lake with few visible campsites, no islands, but two good ones at west end on north side, perhaps 500 metres fm portage into Jesse Gpa #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 11 average 800 meters difficult
Darky Lake William Lake There are three portages on this route from Darky's northeast corner to William. The first portage is 24 rods, flat and easy. Fisher map shows it on the left, but it's on the right side of the rapids. The second portage is 45 rods and is right where the map shows it. This portage has a steep elevation change at both ends, making it difficult with heavy loads. The third portage is not shown on Fisher or McKenzie maps. It's located on the right side of the stream about a quarter mile upstream from the second portage. It's about 70 rods long and has sheer rock stepups along the trail. This third portage ends in the south bay of a small unamed lake. Head due north to the opposite shore and you'll find a marsh stream that turns east. This will take you to the northwest bay of William.<BR><BR><BR><BR> 6 William lake has dark stained water and moderate depth. Excelent fishing for walleye, smallies and pike. Huck #4 Southwest Quetico Spring 04 average 139 rods average
Allan Lake Unknown lake then into Fred This creek is of extreme difficulty when the water level is low. Last week the central part of the creek took 6 hours when otherwise it might have taken 2. The water is too low to move the canoe through and the banks are most often unsuitable for stringing or non-existent. Avoid this portage except in moderate to high water level. 1 There are more campsites on Fred once out of the small unnamed lake. Ilan Neuman #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low 4 in total none long but somewhat overgrown meters difficult
shelley montgomery I actually did this portage in July 2010 but the drop-down only got to 2009.<BR><BR>This is as simple of a portage as one can imagine. Maybe 5 rods and all flat. not sure Montomery is a pretty lake with lots of character due to it's irregular shoreline and islands. If going from the Poets Chain to Kawnipi, consider going this way. Makes for a nice route. Jackfish Quetico Summer 09 average
rods easy
Allan Creek Fred I did this route in the reverse that Kim did, going from fine Fred Lake to Allen Lake via Allen Creek. The water was quite low. The first portage my crew did was narrow and through the grass along a shallow point of Allan Creek. You have to look for the matted down grass along the west shore, and follow the path. The second portage (remember, this is in reverse order to what Kim did) was along a well marked yet narrow path. My crew was unable to locate the middle portage, and this resulted in dragging and some very tough slogging, as well as having to improvise a campsite along the south shore of Allan creek, as we failed to locate the middle portage. There were numerous downfallen trees laying across the Creek, which was shallow and very narrow. We had to paddle one or two strokes, get out, and pull our canoes across downfallen trees. Several trees were so close to one another that we found ourselves pulling across two or three trees at the same time. What should have taken an hour or two in a more well traveled area resulted in seven hours plus having to improvise a campsite on the south shore at the southernmost bend in Allan Creek. The next day entailed another two hours of "pull and drag" over downfallen trees. The last two portages (first two in the previous description, remember this is going from east to west) were as Kim described them. 2 Allan Lake is a beautiful site for sore eyes after the workout that was Allan Creek. We found knee high grass on the campsite in late July, in part because Allan lake is so difficult to get to! Jay Timmerman #3 Central Quetico Summer 06 low
rods difficult
Lonely No Name In the north east corner of Lonely Lake there is a small creek which opens into a muskeg meadow. Except in the early spring you have to portaqe the meadow staying on the right hand side. When you get to the end of the meadow there is a long thin lake with walleyes. If you follow the trail up the hill to the right you will walk another 300 rods and come to a larger lake which is loaded with small mouth bass. Worth the trip. not sure Both no name lakes hav e varied geology but I didn't see any campsites. jdddl #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 06 low 500 rods difficult
Marj Burt Dittoes to Carl's description except I rate the portage as difficult because, as he suggested, the steep rock slab is TREACHEROUS when wet. not sure
Jean Frederic #3 Central Quetico Fall 07 low 40 rods difficult
Hamburg Maria Making a last minute change in our trip route, it was a mistake to portage Hamburg to Maria. There was no water and we ended up spending the hot August day in swampy bog and grass; portaging, sliding the canoe across the "canoeable" none existent water. We had to spend a considerable amount of time exploring the best route which is across the creek from the normal "put in". Not an impossible portage but not one of the nicest. Oh Yeah the last portage is not easy either as you travel up the creek bed rubble. There is one point in a high "step" that I lost the canoe off my shoulders and my wife slipped and smacked her knee bad.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Anyway, Hamburg is not that spectaclular a Lake but isolated. not sure Maria is nice. Only stayed overnight and it seems to be a popular lake as we met a few others.<BR><BR>Jerry Jerry Daminato #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 08 average 2000 meters never again
McKenzie Belaire The portage is rarely traveled and not well marked.. finding the turn off the logging road and back into the woods can be missed so pay attention to blazes and other markings. The blaze when we went through was quite high on the tree. The low parts were pretty rough.. we got into hornets which made even less fun. We just passed through Belaire on the way over to the Wawiag River so my memory kind of makes it one long Portage. I have only done about 10 trips to the BWCA and Quetico but this portage ranked amoung the most difficult because it SO over grown. not sure I believe there is only one marked campsite in Belaire but we did not visit it. jim #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 95 average 320 rods difficult
Sturgeon Russell You can often paddle through. In '07 when the water level was 3' or so low, we paddled through with ease-just an easy, steady current against. I have gone through when just barely able to get through--just depends on water level. 3 Russell--pretty lake with waterfall coming into it Jim Haskel Quetico Summer 07 low 170 Feet easy
Jean Boulder From the west end of Jean you'll find a series of 3 short carries all on the north side of Jean Creek. Jean Creek had enough water for paddling. No problems. These will lead to a small un-named lake. At the west end of the un-named lake be sure and stay along the south shoreline. There is a landing on the north side that only leads up a stream leading to a marsh. Not the way to go. The portage to Boulder will be found just north of a small flow of water falling into the weeds from a wooded area on the south shoreline. Push into the weeds following the flow up-stream towards the sound of falling water. 2 Nice lake. Good campsite in southeast corner, smaller camp on the north shore as lake opens up from the north entry point. jim j solo #1 Northwest Quetico Fall 07 average 10/10/10/40 rods average
Boulder Your The portage begins on the southwest end of Boulder just beside (westside) the creek connecting to Your. Pretty straight carry. Small pond on the Your Lake end is dried up. You just continue carry through the high grass straight to Your. 2 Nice lake. Campsites on islands in west half of lake. jim j solo #1 Northwest Quetico Fall 07 average 130 rods average
Your Wildgoose There is a portage path just south of the dam on Your Lake leading to Wildgoose Creek, west end of Your Lake. Wildgoose Creek was OK paddling, with 3 beaverdams to go over before Wildgoose Lake. The first 2 were easy. Plenty of water above and below dams. The last was tricky. You'll need to find some water flowing below the dam to Wildgoose Lake. The brush is much tighter here but you're getting close to the lake. 1 Walleye for sure. Nice rock bluffs in far west bay, northside. Campsite is on point in the same bay, just beyond small island guarding opening to the bay. jim j solo #1 Northwest Quetico Fall 07 average 10/bd/bd/bd rods difficult
Quetico Quetico This is a series of 3 un-named lakes along the section of land separating the 2 main arms of Quetico Lake. Starting from the west end, enter the bay leading in from the south. Don't squeeze past the rock bluff into the far north end of bay. Instead follow the rock bluff to the east till it begins to drop into a marsh area. This is on the east side of the last open water in the bay on Quetico Lake. The portage landing is just right of the last large boulder. The first half is over wooded ground and the second half through high grass. The landing is in a small bay south of the far west end of this lake, I'll call "West-un-named".<BR><BR><BR><BR>The portage from West-un-named to Middle-un-named begins at the east end on a large rock, VW Bug size, and follows a nice rock wall on the southside of the trail.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Middle-un-named to East-un-named begins on the south side of a creek connecting the two lakes. Halfway over the trail jumps to the northside of the creek. I lost it for a moment on both carries going west to east. Try walking the old beaverdam or below to get across. All these trails are somewhat faint in places.<BR><BR><BR><BR>East-un-named to Quetico Lake trail begins on the southside of creek connecting the two lakes. It follows a trail past some nice Eastern White Cedars and large White Pines, growing next to another rock wall on the south side of the trail. Half way the trail crosses the creek to follow the north side of the creek. Just before Quetico it crosses another small stream draining a lake from the north. The landing on Quetico is in a grassy area. From Quetico look for a bay full of grass that has a large dead tree bear of all but one limb. The landing is on north shoreline just beyond, west of tree. 2 Middle-un-named Lake has nice campsite on east end.<BR><BR>East-un-named Lake has a nice campsite on a point on the northside of the eastern half of the lake. jim j solo #1 Northwest Quetico Fall 07 average 80/160/70/100 rods difficult
Isabella Basswood Agree with the description here, and wanted to note that it is still current as of 2011. It is a nice paddle through the creek. not sure
Jim Stone Quetico Summer 11 unsure
rods easy
Robin Quetico Sixteen years later, Phebe Vance's description is still pretty accurate. (There are two portages from Robin into Quetico. This is the west one, 480 m on the Chrismar map).<BR><BR>The takeout is an obvious rocky landing on the northwest arm of Robin. The trail starts as an easy uphill forest walk for about 200 m, followed by a short downhill stretch. Then you reach the bootsucking swamp from hell. You can bushwhack around the worst stretches if you're carrying a pack, but not if you're carrying the canoe. I found it easiest to take the canoe off my shoulders and drag it through the worst section. Once through the mud, it's a fairly short downhill to the put-in. The sandy shoreline on Quetico is a welcome opportunity to wash off all the mud from your legs and torso. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux Quetico Summer 11 average
rods Rate this portage
Jean Boulder There are three short portages on Jean Creek between Jean Lake and Noname Lake. <BR><BR>The first is the longest, perhaps 250 m, half of it rocky and overgrown. Coming from Noname, you might be able to shorten this significantly, but coming from Jean, it's hard to see how much of Jean Creek is passable, and I just did the full carry.<BR><BR>The second portage takeout is behind a pool with thigh-deep bubbling green slime on one side and thigh-deep bubbling black slime on the other. If you back the canoe in, the stern (or solo) paddler might be able to disembark slime-free. This portage is short and relatively easy.<BR><BR>The third portage doesn't have much of a trail, instead it's more of a short walk across rocky flats.<BR><BR>The portage from Noname to Boulder is difficult to find unless you carefully follow Jim J Solo's directions. The portage itself is easy though. <BR><BR>There was one small beaver dam pullover before the final entrance into Boulder Lake as well. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux Quetico Summer 11 average
rods Rate this portage
Boulder Your The portage from Boulder lake into Your Lake is easy to find, with a sand landing. It starts with an easy forest walk, then you slosh along the edge of a marsh for a while, then the portage ends with a short forest stretch. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux Quetico Summer 11 average
rods average
Fair Badwater There are two portages to get from Fair to Badwater, with a small unnamed lake in between. 200 m total distance is just a guesstimate.<BR><BR>Fair Lake to Noname Lake: The portage is easy to find. It's short, but the north end has a steep drop where it's probably easier to slide the empty canoe down than try to carry it down on your shoulders.<BR><BR>Noname Lake to Badwater Lake: This portage starts on the east side of a small stream in ankle deep muck, then crosses over the stream before dropping down to a marsh on the east end of Badwater. Follow the edge of the marsh for 50 m or so to the put-in. Very buggy. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 11 average 200 meters average
Badwater Bee This was an easy beaverdam blast-through / liftover. No portage needed this time not sure
Joe_Schmeaux #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 11 average 0.5 meters easy
Bee Brown I could not find the start of the 630 m portage shown on the Chrismar map, so this description is for the way I did it.<BR><BR>Follow the stream from Bee through a beaver marsh. Eventually the stream gets rocky and that's where a very overgrown portage starts. After getting back into the canoe at the Brown end, there were still 4 beaver dams to negotiate, two requiring unloading and two easy liftovers. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 11 average 200 meters average
Brown Lynx This segment is in two sections, with an unnamed lake in-between Brown and Lynx<BR><BR><BR><BR>Brown to Noname: The takeout is marked by a cairn on a stump. First a steep uphill, then muck. Fairly straightforward.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Noname to Lynx: Q Park office had warned that this section could be difficult in low water. When I went through, overall water levels in the park were about average, but beaver activity made sure that passage through this section was still challenging. <BR><BR><BR><BR>To get to the takeout, canoe / drag / marshwhack your way to the east end of the marsh. In early July, there will <BR><BR>be mosquitoes, blackflies, horseflies, and stable flies all encouraging you along. Watch for a very faded orange flag on a tree marking the start of the portage. The first part of the trail is in the forest, first overgrown, then following in and out of a small stream (mostly in) to the edge of the next marsh at Lynx. Tramp through the grass along the marsh's edge for maybe 100 m to the put-in. <BR><BR><BR><BR>If you're coming from Lynx, the takeout probably isn't marked, but the grassy part of the trail should be easy <BR><BR>to find along the north edge of the marsh. Keep following the stream until it is blocked by deadfall, then watch for the trail on the left climbing up into the forest. Once you get to the orange flag, you're on your own. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 11 average 700 meters difficult
Lynx Robin If you're portaging into Lynx from Brown, the next portage starts almost immediately, so you might want to take a short break on Lynx Lake to rehydrate and replenish blood glucose levels.<BR><BR>From the end of the Brown-to-Lynx portage, keep left, heading north. The portage to Robin is on the right-hand side of a stream. It's an easy forest walk, mostly clear of brush when I went through. not sure
Joe_Schmeaux #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 11 average 360 meters easy
Crooked Iron coming to the portage from iron lake care must be taken at higher water levels the last 50 yards can be treacherous with one small chute being especially hairy this can be bypassed on the right side of the passage just below this fast chute...a small carry over into a backwater eddy...an easy paddle from here to the beginnning of the portage. 8+ crooked lake large open at the northwest end tannin stained many exceptional campsites.....great fishing in all of the "day" bays.....paddling back to curtain falls woth a northwest wind can be difficult..best to hug the eastern shore passin the roland chain of lakes portge john l Quetico Spring 08 average ab 160 rods average
iron crooked coming to the portage from iron lake care must be taken at higher water levels the last 50 yards can be treacherous with one small chute being especially hairy this can be bypassed on the right side of the passage just below this fast chute...a small carry over into a backwater eddy...an easy paddle from here to the beginnning of the portage. 8+ crooked lake large open at the northwest end tannin stained many exceptional campsites.....great fishing in all of the "day" bays.....paddling back to curtain falls woth a northwest wind can be difficult..best to hug the eastern shore passin the roland chain of lakes portge john l Quetico Spring 08 average ab 160 rods average
That Man No Man We floated the stream. This is one of the most enjoyable times we have in the park. Great natural beauty. First time was a fantastic treat, it never fails to inspire. We openly mocked those few that actually portaged; carry everything or duck a few branches - you decide! 2
John P , 12 & counting #3 Central Quetico Summer 04 unsure
rods easy
Sturgeon Rouge I planned my route using the Wilderness Canoe Association's "Canadian Canoe Routes" website (www.myccr.com) which says that there are 5 portages on Jean Creek between Sturgeon Lake and Rouge Lake. I only found 2 portages (totaling 200 meters). The creek is easily navigable most of the way. Starting in Sturgeon Lake, I paddled part way up the creek, pulled my canoe over one beaver dam, then paddled up the creek a little farther before the first portage (90m) just before the creek makes a sharp turn (to the south as the creek flows, but I turned west). There's some more easy paddling and one more beaver dam to pull over before the portage out of Jean Creek and into Rouge Lake (110m). not sure
Jon Mee #3 Central Quetico Summer 09 average 200 meters easy
Dell Unnamed* A very difficult portage. Flat, but extremely over grown, multiple trees to climb over/duck under. Easy to loose trail, multiple off shoots that go no where. Waist high mud for about 10 rods, one steep section. Opens up to lake (swamp) that must be portaged. For only the most experienced. None at all Not a lake, a swamp. Small, shallow creak runs through, not possible to canone on. Multiple beaver dams to cross, entire swap is thigh deep mud. Must portage through lake to get to Isabella. Josh Quetico Summer 11 low 60 rods never again
quetico badwater The mile long portage from quetico to badwater is somewhat difficult to locate from the quetico side when the water level is down. The McKenzie map I had showed that the portage was on the right side of a marshy bay back in the West Bay of Quetico. Because the water level was so low (probably 3' down from normal judging by the shoreline), the portage ended up being a good 30-40 yards out of the water through some wet, muddy grass. The portage looked like a little break in the trees where a stream was coming out. Sure enough, there was water flowing from the portage. We had to sludge our canoes up through the muck until we reached the grassy shore. After that, we had to walk the 30-40 yards through a couple inches of mucky grass just to get into the woods. The portage itself is difficult not only because of it's length, but because at least half of the portage is wet whether or not it has recently rained. Also, the footing is difficult, it is best to take your time and carry a lighter load. In fact, you might as well pack light and save yourself the extra effort. There is a considerable amount of elevation, both up and down, and at least 2 stretches where you are walking through a bog and have to stick to the log-laid path less you slip in the muck. One guy slipped and got both legs soaked up to his thighs!<BR><BR> 3 Badwater is darker than any other lake i've been on in the northwest region of quetico. We made sure to bring the water filter this time, there is a lot of beaver activity in and around badwater. It isn't much for fishing for smallmouth, and catching northerns justs gets annoying after awhile. It is a long lake, even though it is narrow, so it's a considerable paddle either way. Once you're in Badwater, you either have to go back over the 1 mile portage, or go a considerably long distance to get back out a different way (fair lake, your lake, bentpine, burntside, jean, conk, and then quetico). Best suited for groups who like to get a lot of miles in and pack light. josiah #1 Northwest Quetico Spring 07 low 320 rods difficult
Louisa Agnes There is a great campsite near the "Jacuzzi". The jacuzzi is really fun and relaxing on a hot day. I would recommend this campsite to anyone. It is about 40' up from Agnes. I would only recommend doing this portage going down from Louisa to Agnes. It was difficult going down with multiple people passing the canoes/packs along while scrambling down the slope. not sure
Ken in IL Quetico Summer 04 average
rods difficult
Ferguson Cache River This portage crosses a swamp. Double knot your shoes. No slipons. There were a number of times all of us slipped into waste deep mud. We were not able to carry as much as we usually did because of the effort needed to regain our footing. The mud was minimally ankle deep in the "good" parts. If you were lucky there was downed wood to step on or a small hummock to keep you from sinking down. It was a real character builder. On the Cache side there was a plastic ribbon denoting where the portage started. It is relatively easy to find on the Ferguson side with a topo. Too swampy to camp anywhere nearby. An exceptional number of mosquitoes. None at all
Ken in IL Quetico Summer 04 average
rods difficult
Robinson McIntyre From Robinson, the creek is a brush lined, sandy bottomed, winding thing of beauty. Then, there's a beaver dam. You must either go over that or go to the right on the bank and you will find the start of the portage (just after the beaver dam). Uphill most the way,then flat, it bypasses the log jammed creek. Once on the water, the HUGE beaver dam awaits you. Once over that, you have a short paddle to the last part of the portage, probably 40 rods uphill. Put in on the water and head west and either land your canoes at the campsite or near the creeks upper boundary. Enjoy the water fall at the bottom of the hill. Blueberry's are all over the area also. 6 McIntyre is a clear, cold lake. The campsites on the island in the northern part of the lake are 5 star. Kim Young Quetico Summer 08 high 120 rods average
Basswood River Greer Lake If you want to bypass Wheelbarrel and Lower Basswood Falls, this is the way to go. It isn't used often, but it was difficult only due to the hill. Otherwise it is average but brushy. not sure Small and narrow lake with dark water. Used in the winter a lot to bypass the falls. Kim Young #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 08 high 58 rods average
Moose Bay Tuck River Going through the reeds around the right of the island and listening for the creek is about the easiest way to "find your way through the reeds" to the portage. However, I've always used the portage on the east side (right side) of the creek.
The river is narrow and then gets wide for a while and then gets narrow once again. You must paddle through 2 small areas of fast water. This year you had to paddle hard!!! Lots of water. Robinson is a beautiful sight when you enter from the south. Seven known campsites and an eagles nest on the island in the north part of the lake. Many people just paddle through to Tuck. There is an old trappers cabin in the bay going to the 18 rod portage into Tuck. Kim Young #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 08 high 35 rods easy
McInture Lake Deer lake The portage is in the middle of a narrow strip of land between the lakes. It is short and flat. You may be able to lift over some rocks on the west side of the strip of land and avoid this but if you are good to your canoe, this portage isn't bad or hard. not sure We took a day trip into Deer to fish. We caught 2 lake trout and numerous small bass. Dark but clear water. Kim Young #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 08 high 10 rods easy
Robinson Lake Dart Lake * unnamed on some maps A short uphill climb from Robinson to Dart. Wide path, well used. Follows a creek. There is an old trappers cabin in the bay on the left shore before you get to the portage. not sure Dark water lake. Caught bass. Kim Young #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 08 high 18 rods average
Ram Antoine Expecting this to be a short easy portage it felt much more to the contrary when we could not find the end of 24 rods. This was every bit of a muddy 60 rods. Many, many mosquitos. A fallen tree. It was a major wtf moment. Portage is on the eastern side. There is a pond in the middle of the two natural dams of Ram and Antoine that surely must be bipassed. I don't know where "24 rods" comes from. The landing on Antoine is a bit rough, rocky. not sure Could not locate any decent campsites around the division of northern and southern portions of the lake Krash Quetico Spring 11 average 60 rods difficult
Crooked Lake Robinson Lake I rate the portage difficult because of the several bog areas you must slog through or hop from root to root. The portage is slightly mismarked on Crooked, it starts about 25 rods south of where the McKenzie map shows it. The walk starts out dry but then there are 3 sections of bog to fight. Obviously the portage is mostly flat. 6 Gardner Mountain is on the northeast part of Robinson. The island opposite the Lee Hegstrand #3 Central Quetico Summer 09 average 127 rods difficult
Jasper Lake Ottertrack Lake This is an update of a posting in 2003 for this portage. The portage at this time is one moderately long walk. It does skirt a pond but access to the pond is difficult and paddling the pond would not save time or energy by taking it. We did not encounter any especially wet areas on the portage in our August trip. It was our impression that rainfall in the past weeks was about average. not sure Ottertrack Lake is famous for being Benny Ambrose's lake that he stayed on for 60 years until his death in 1982. Across from the site where Benny's cabin was, on the Canadian side, are spectacular, colorful cliffs. Lee Hegstrand #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 10 average 100 rods average
Saganagons Lilypad The Saganagons end of the portage starts in a boggy condition that can be avoided by squeezing along the rock wall on the right. We threw a line up on shore after removing most packs and hauled our canoe up to ground you could stand on otherwise you'd be fighting muck and bog conditions. One part of the portage is rather steep and could be slippery if wet. Otherwise the portage is of average condition. 2 Lilypad is a rather shallow lake without any distinguishing characteristics. Lee Hegstrand #5 Southeast Quetico Winter 10 average 83 rods difficult
Trouser Cache We were told by the ranger at French Lake that the only report she had that year (this was early July) was from a traveler who took 8 hours to complete this portage as it was hard to find. We did not experience this. My brother and I travel light, one trip, and completed this in less than one hour.<BR><BR>It's relatively flat, requires a wading of a creek, but is not hard to follow. <BR><BR> 1 We saw an eagle on Cache Lake and several moose when leaving Cache and entering Lindsay Lake. The lake itself is not spectacular, but we saw no one on this route for five days of paddling. Lowell Quetico Summer 95 average 672 rods difficult
Shelley Keats The roar of the rapids can be heard from well down Shelley Lake. We took the shorter portage instead of Have a Smoke.<BR><BR>This is a spectacular area. The portage is no problem. 2 Camped on first point west of the two portages. My brother and I agreed this was our favorite spot of any in the entire Quetico/BWCA. The smallmouth fishing in the rapids on Have a Smoke Portage was like nothing we had experienced before. We both wished we could talk to whoever it was who named these two lakes after the British poets. Lowell #3 Central Quetico Summer 95 average 20 rods average
Crooked Argo I agree with previous posts. If traveling from Argo to Crooked I'd rate it easy downhill, but from Crooked to Argo its all uphill and not particularly enjoyable. Roland Chain is better option. not sure
Lune #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 09 unsure as marked rods difficult
Cone (Q) Brent Put on your man boots because this thing is a killer! It has everything - steep up slopes, steep down slopes, boulders, muck, deadfall and all of it ankle biting misery. Not a portage for the faint of heart. not sure
Lune Quetico Summer 10 unsure
rods difficult
Lynx Ruby the only thing that made this portage even a bit difficult was the length. it was fairly flat most of the way and wide with not too many rocks. I've done 40 rod portages that were harder than this 280. not sure
MacAdam Quetico Summer 09 average 280 rods average
Poohbah Wink This portage is a real tester with several tough elements. During the first ten rods coming out of Poohbah, you go straight up, and we had to lift our canoes up this cliff. There is probably a good 30 rods of pretty steep climbing, but that is only part of the fun. The 70-rod down part is made challenging by the overgrown sides of the portage and deadfalls. There are several confusing twists and turns and it is sometimes hard to know if you are on the right trail at all. As the portage descends into Wink, you end in a bug-infested boot-sucking mudhole. This is likely the hardest portage that our group has ever done, despite the fact that it is not real long. 4 Wink is a high elevation lake with cliffs and high sides. It has all four fish species and is quite pretty. Fishing there is good. Mad_Birdman #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 08 high 100 rods difficult
Antoine Sturgeon A little tough to find the entrance now on the southern end of Antione, it is between two deadfalls. This portage starts with 40 rods or so of slight uphill, then you hit s mud hole with some old and new corduroy in various stages of repair. A large uphill section follows, with several boulder gardens to negotiate. By the time you get to the top, there are large open areas with smooth rocks to vross, and then you are about half done. A gradual descent follows, with one deadfall about 5 rods from the end that makes you take the canoe off and push it under. This one was a real tester for our group, but we single portage and were loaded fairly heavily. 8+ Sturgeon is a well-known huge lake. Mad Birdman #3 Central Quetico Summer 09 average 180 rods difficult
Kenny McEwen This portage was very recently cleared and was in good shape. The crews really cleared up some large deadfalls, or this would have been even more of a doozy. Boggy section at the beginning, followed by a good climb. Then you walk along a very nice section along a ridge with a view of a canyon, and then portage gradually meanders down to McEwen. not sure McEwen is a pretty lake with high sides and clear water. The northern section was part of the burned area, but the south was not. Good smallmouth and laker fishing. Mad_Birdman Quetico Spring 10 low 268 rods difficult
Kahshahpiwi Trant I did this in first week of June, and water level was about average to a little low. I never saw the beginning of the portage - Just continue up the creek, over a beaver dam, and keep going till it gets too shallow to paddle. Then get out and walk and tow your canoe, pulling it over several logs. The streambed is nice clean gravel here, no mud. Pull upstream till about 30 yards before the alders start to close in - find a small "bay" to your right, and bushwhack maybe 20 feet over to the middle of the portage trail. I think I had only about 40 rods or less to portage to get to Trant 3
Mad_Mat Quetico Summer 07 average 40 rods average
William Lake Darky River - Minn lake The series of portages taking you from William lake to Darky River were difficult to find and tough to navigate through. The wet grass marsh area makes the portages longer than the map indicates esp. in low water conditions. Be sure to have your bearings on point when searching for these portages they are not easy to find. the first portage to an un-named lake is to the left of the stream bed not the right. its a wild frustrating ride if you bushwhack. and the lily pads can be arduous to paddle through as well. not sure zero campsites. be sure to be through this area well before dusk and try not to take chances especially if your headed down darky river into minn lake. darky river does not have any campsites either. A group of 2-3 may be able to manage. Matthew Brodt #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 06 low 35 rods difficult
Crooked Lake Argo Lake The portage choices from crooked to argo are plentiful. The easiest yet longest is the 160 rod portage directly through to the southern-most part of Argo. The next easiest is through the Roland Finger Lakes. This route is very scenic, as well as protected from the westerly wind gusts. The portages are fairly simple to locate as each of them are at the end of the lakes located in a V dip shape through the trees and realtively short. 5 These finger lakes are very clear in comparison to the tanin taint of Crooked. The fishing is fair to excellent. i have seen pike, small mouth, and walleye pulled from these lakes. Once into Argo from Roland be ready for superb small mouth fishing in the first bay leading into the Siobhan River. Matthew Brodt #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 04 average 50 rods average
Darkwater Argo Very easy portage from Darkwater to Argo. Barely and hills or mud, and it is flat and clear along the way. It is sometimes refereed to as the Naked Portage. Very fun portage, and Argo and its amazing clear water is waiting on the other side 8+ Argo Lake is quite possibly the best lake in the Quetico. Its crystal-clear water is a sight to see, and the campsites are big and beautiful. Argo is definitely worth adding into your trip. I suggest staying at the cite on the south side of Birch Island. It is the nicest campsite I have ever seen, and is absolutely perfect for swimming. Argo is the best. Matthew Myer Quetico Summer 11 average
rods easy
Mack Creek Kawnipi The portage from Mack to a pond is short,flat,and has good landings on both sides. Then there is a lift around a boulder field and you are on Mack Creek. Mack Creek can be a challenging muddy slog when the water is low. We had to abandon the creek bed in 2008 and bushwack a portage about 30 rods to the Wawiag. From here it's about an hour paddle to the marked portage which was easy. In 2007, there were 4 logjams in between the portage and Kawa Bay. These were difficult, but in 2008, there was only one forced lift around. High water cleared them out finally. not sure Kawnipi mattt Quetico selected 08 unsure
rods Rate this portage
Poohbah Conmee Memory Lane is certainly the road less traveled. This was a portage like no other. This 3 leg portage pushed us to the test. We were simply high school kids expecting nothing like what we had seen. We thought we could conquer everything so we started off doing the Death March. That was difficult, but we got through it and we had our heads held high. We than proceeded to go to Poobah lake because we were all ready to see the crystal clear waters of it. The only thing stopping us: Memory Lane. It took us a very long time, and we were all exhausted by the time we finished. It was worth doing once, but I cannot see myself doing it again. 3 Poobah is a beautiful lake with crystal clear water. Max #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 07 unsure 580 rods never again
Olifaunt Fern The current description states the length as 100 rods. This is inaccurate and should be meters! not sure
Meir Bester Quetico selected 10 unsure
rods Rate this portage
Poohbah Berniece In 25 years canoe/camping, I've never been on a lower maintenance portage. The trailhead was virtually unnoticeable, the trail itself disappeared roughly 200 rods into it, and the entire second half of it was a bushwacking nightmare. The path was only discernable if you saw the somewhat trampled earth between the heavy overgrowth. I have scars to prove it! not sure Bernice Mike #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 average
rods never again
Bernice Allan The turns and changes in direction make it virtually impossible to make it through unscathed with a canoe. Be prepared to curse and get stuck a few times in the dense foliage. not sure Allan Mike #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 average 530 meters difficult
Lonely Lake Walter Lake Quetico park maps dated 2007 and earlier incorrectly show the portage starting to the right of the creek. In fact the trailhead is 150 meters down shore to the left of the creek, and there is a small put-in in the middle. So the actual portage is (2) 200m portages. Topographic maps (dated 1995) have it shown correctly. not sure
Mike #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 average 400 meters average
Kahshahpiwi Unnamed* The portage going north to south from from Kashipiwi lake into an unnamed lake and then into Side Lake really DOESN'T EXIST, despite all the confusing information out there. More accurately, the northern third of the portage just south of Kashipiwi Lake is fine. The problem occurs when the portage abruptly ends at what once was a beaver pond, and is now a swamp. There is no route through or around this swamp: black spruce is to the east and a rock cliff is to the west. So you must pick a southeast direction across the swamp, and slog your way as best you can avoiding deep water holes. You'll finally come to the southeast side of the swamp where you will find a sketchy portage that finally ends at the unnamed lake. When you come to the Unnamed lake, you'll see the problem: the large beaver dam that once allowed travelers to paddle across what is now the swamp is blown out, draining the swamp, and creating a real challenge for those intent on getting to Kashipiwi! not sure
Mike #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 high 100+ rods never again
Kenny McEwen kevheads' description is accurate. I would rate the portage difficult though due to some muck at the Kenny end and the long hill up to the peak. not sure
MNGreen #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 09 average see map rods difficult
Sucker Basswood* Easy portage going into wide beach. Nice recycling bathrooms at Quetico ranger station. <BR><BR>Start- 48 02.983 91 26.214<BR><BR>End- 48 03.082 91 26.204 8+ Big bay, caught calm day heading out, rough and windy day coming back to Prarie Portage at end of our trek. NJScout Quetico Summer 07 average 20 rods easy
Basswood (Bayley Bay) Burke Wide, sandy beach for entrance. Path is easy to follow and well maintained. <BR><BR>Start- 48 05.463 91 28.225<BR><BR>End- 48 05.701 91 28.267 8+
NJScout #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 07 average 84 rods easy
Your Snow I have traveled this route for the past 14 years and the creek between Lil pine and trail has always floated a canoe. Sometimes just barely. not sure
nordski Quetico selected 07 unsure
rods Rate this portage
Brent (northern route) Suzanette 2 portages with unnamed lake between. Just passing thru a scenic lake. Portages are a little brushy, flat, typical rocks. 4 Suzanette. old_salt #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 06 average
rods easy
Olifaunt Fern I had heard a lot about it from online forums and it lived up to its reputation. It is LONG, and we were going UPHILL, so I had to stop a few times and catch my breath. What I hadnít expected was how scenic it was. The various views of the gorge, rapids, rocks, and water we were bypassing were worth the work and kept my mind off my aching back. By the time we had finished double portaging and taking some pictures, I felt tired, but it was that "good" tired feeling. Portage was very rocky and rooty; sturdy boots or shoes are recommended! 7 Very pretty lake with relatively clear water. We did not check out campsites, but the PCD only shows 1 that has been rated. OldGreyGoose #2 Northeast Quetico selected 07 average 320 rods difficult
Unnamed* Cirrus The little No-name to Cirrus portage is short but twisty and very rooty and the shrubbery clutched and grabbed the whole way. (Surprisingly narrow for a busy area!) The ìalternate endingî described as a difficult 90-degree turn I found to be only about 60 degrees and fine for the Souris River 16-footer and me. 8+
OldGreyGoose #1 Northwest Quetico Fall 10 low 40+/- rods average
Beaverhouse Unnamed* This portage was tough! I had some help with an energy drink, but I think I could have used a tumpline for my pack more. The half-mile trail is a good one, but the initial climb from Beaverhouse up to the leveling off was brutal, leaving me feeling older than my 66 years. None at all The no-name is a neat little lake with a lot of character including an irregular shape, a small island and a small rock cliff near the Cirrus portage. It deserves to have a name, in my opinion. By the way, if itís your first trip through here as it was mine, if you aim to the left of the cliff you should hit the Cirrus portage dead on. OldGreyGoose #1 Northwest Quetico Fall 10 low 580 meters difficult
Twin Lakes Sturgeon Lake Before engaging this portage in low water, contact the Ranger Station and check on its condition. Beavers have dammed it up and you could encounter 2 hours of pushing a canoe through mud well beyond your knees. I won't mention the leeches. Suggest another route if water is low. The lenght of 170 rods is an estimate and includes three beaver dams. not sure Most certain campsites are available on Sturgeon Lake, considering the size. Ole Shep #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 06 low 170 rods never again
William Lake Darky River - Minn lake From William to Darky there are a series of 3 small portages from about 10 rods to 35 rods. The longest portage of these has a fairly narrow and rocky area with the trail on the edge of a small cliff. The last area before you get to Darky(you are in the Darky river east of Darky lake)is a long tundra like marshy area. It is easier to locate the route going from William to Darky than it is traveling the other way(Darky to William). There is a short 16 rod portage to get you into Darky. The best campsite between the "eastside" Darky river and the north end of darky lake where the Darky river flows in from Minn is a 5 star campsite on an island. It ahs a great place to land a canoe on the back side. The Darky river"north has a series of portages too. They are all short and narrow(less than 16 rods. This section has no designated campsites. A small group of 3 or less could manage a camp if necessary. If the water is low you can pull over at least one of the portages.
Minn is a large lake that you will paddle from northeast to southwest with some 4 or 5 campsites Ole64 #1 Northwest Quetico Spring 11 average 35 rods difficult
Eag camel Portage crew did a fine job , laying down rough board walk for the start of the portage, a bit of a climb but fairly good port.<BR><BR>did some fishing after a lunch break on the small site in north end, good walleye action and a friend caught a nice 1 1/2 lb blue gill<BR><BR>only two small ports on cutty creek to Camel 2 two sites on Eag. outback mack Quetico Spring 09 unsure
rods average
alice fern First port less than a mile at 290rds- steep climb from Alice lake for first 3 to 4 mins.two small ponds between<BR><BR>the next port into Fern, port from pond is more to the east in a small bay than what it is shown on the Fisher and Mackenzie maps.<BR><BR>2nd port a bit longer than a mile.- with all the work done by the volunteer portage crew- these ports are now just a long walk, hats off for their efforts. 3 Fern Lake is a small pretty lake, walleye and bass inhabit these waters outback mack #3 Central Quetico Spring 12 high 610 rods difficult
Cirrus Unnamed* between Cirrus and Beaverhouse Not a difficult portage but I agree with an earlier poster about the 90-degree turn. The 90-deg turn corresponds to a somewhat steep upturn than can be slippery. A secondary path has been beaten to the west at the point of the old 90-deg turn which presents as a fork. You can take either path and find a canoe put-in into unnamed. The portage entry only allowed for one canoe and the put-in on Unnamed was unremarkable. Point of note: Fisher Map F-28 (Rev 2004) mislocates the portage entry on Cirrus to the east by about a quarter mile. Its actually located at the western end of the south bay rather than along the south shore which is mostly cliff face. not sure Unnamed: Small unremarkable lake that doesn't appear to have any campsites and from the low shoreline, any campsite are sure to rather bug-ridden. Easy paddle to Beaverhouse portage. PatC #1 Northwest Quetico Spring 09 unsure 36 rods average
Fern Twin Bwani's This is a description of the Savauge Portage between Fern Lk. on the North and the Twin Bwani's on the South. The trail head is along the Southern shore of Fern Lk with a less than optimal take out, slightly west and due south of the island. Highlights (north to south) include low land, one long steep hill, more low land, bonafide swamp, and multiple, steeper rock faces and a very poor put-in. The middle of the trail (20 minutes, brisk pace from trailhead) involves negotiating a 200 - 300 meter swamp, (think water buffalo). The best we have done on this carry double portaging is ~2 hours. The worst is ~4.5 hours in moderate-heavy blow down conditions. <BR><BR>Most likely, you will get wet somewhere along this trail. A reasonable goal is to keep it at the waist. The trail is pretty obvious, and worn. This carry, in general demands respect, attitude is everything here as this one will tend to discourage some. Pre-hydrate yourself, bring water, and spray-down liberally as well, you will need it. 3 The Twin Bwani's are a pair of small, classic shield jewels. Average Quetico fishing with a stable largemouth population. paw #3 Central Quetico Spring 00 average 1600 rods average
Cirrus Unnamed* Small rock garden on the Cirrus end here - wet footers will need to get wet a little earlier than usual. There is a sharp 90* turn on the traiil which can be a little tricky for those of you with 18.5' canoes After that, it's a little uphill into a small lake - muddy landing here. None at all no-named lake. No campsites but not a place I would like to stay anyway - small, shallow, weedy, bog stained lake - 5 minute paddle to the Beaverhouse Portage. PhantomJug Quetico selected 04 average 36 rods average
basswood - bailey's bay burke the yellow brick road...sandy, spacious, and level not sure
portage pete #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 09 average 90 rods easy
Agnes Louisa We completely avoided this portage in 2005 (the first of two from Agnes to Louisa) and it is an accident waiting to happen. Very steep and more dangerous when wet, having said that if you're very committed to safety you can probably figure out a way to do it, but be careful. Lake Louisa is a great lake but not worth the risk if your group is not experienced in portage. 8+
Richard Berling #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 07 low 20 rods difficult
Yum Yum Kashapiwi Anticipation was high when I led a group into Kashapiwi via Yum Yum because the Rangers advised a beaver dam was out on the more usual "southerly" route. We camped just short of the portage and tackled it while fresh in the morning, probably a wise choice. Although difficult and long this portage is definitely doable in dry weather, but caution should be taken if the rocks on the steep Yum Yum side are wet. The descent on the Kashapiwi side requires ordinary caution and the stretch of uncut forest is entrancing. Our group was very proud for completing the Yum Yum portage, like they expected to get a badge or something. It should be respected but don't be afraid of it. not sure Kashapiwi is a long narrow lake with many campsites. The old fire tower was still visible in 2007. The water is kind of black and was very low in 2007, necessitating a few extra portages at the north end of the lake where we should have been able to float the canoes through. If anything I felt that some of these dry creek beds with basketball sized rocks were much more dangerous than Yum Yum, even though pretty short. The chance to twist an ankle was far too prevalent, but we made the whole trip without any injuries. Richard Berling #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 07 low 220 rods difficult
lerome unamed this is as easy as it gets. unamed runs into lerome and is about ten feet higher in elevation. so from lerome you go uphill for only about 10 meters, a few more feet and there you are...in unamed. piece of cake. could be slick if raining. for those with a light load it is just a lift over. there is a very small falls just to the right of the crossing. not sure
rick00001967 #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low 15 meters easy
unamed bewag for us it was pretty simple. zig-zag through the marsh in your canoe and drag it over about four beaver-made blockages. a bit mucky and WHOA the smell.....but no big deal. takes about 15 minutes to get through. not sure
rick00001967 #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low 0 meters easy
bewag lark only tough part might be getting on the trail right out of bewag. very steep and rocky but only for about 5-10 mtrs. the rest of the route is easy. not sure
rick00001967 #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low 100+ meters easy
lark cole this one gave us some trouble. as well as some groups we met while in the park. if you have not been through here it is hard to know what to look for. enter the marsh at the end of the lake as shown on the maps. after only 100mtrs or so, keep your eyes open on the right side for a mud wall that drops down the other side about 6 feet or so into a mud/weed pit. yes....unfortunately that is where you cross. you should see the trail on the other side. it is only about 20 mtrs across so light loads can be dragged. put on your mud shoes and your shorts and try to step on as much heavy grass as possible to avoid sinking too far. you can try holding your breath but you won`t make it....i tried. LOL. what a stench!!! then it is a short, easy portage to the lake (cole). not sure
rick00001967 #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low -100 meters average
cole cirrus what can i say.....it was pretty tough. if you are on your own carrying all the gear then be sure to have a snack and some fluids before starting this one. especially if it is hot. if you are sharing the duties with a partner than it is not going to kill ya. LOL. from cole it is a slight uphill trail until you hit about the last few hundred mtrs. then it is sharply downhill. i`m still not sure which was worse....going into cirrus or coming back out. LOL. take your time and take a break (or two) and it should be ok for most people. on the way back, we carried our two loads to the top of the hill to get that part over with. there is a bit of a cleared spot there to put your gear off to the side. be sure to check out the falls. we had low water while there so we could walk up the giant rock formation. we even went for a soak in the cold water pools near the top. it was my son`s favorite part of the trip. i`d love to see it with high water. it must be quite awsome. not sure some good smallmouth fishing in the little bay right after the portage. rick00001967 #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low 900 meters difficult
cirrus soho a relatively short hike. mostly uphill to soho. (not too steep though) enrty to soho a bit rocky. not sure good clear water here. smallmouth and crappie. heard there was good walleye fishing here but we had no luck finding them the day we were there. rick00001967 #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low 75 meters average
claire bentpine We found the beginning of the portage as a muddy root hop. If you slipped of a root you were crotch deep. I had my 9 year old son with me and as I ferried my pack and canoe to dry land he did slip and got suck waist deep. It was a grey day so a little more mud wasn't a huge deal. Once we got to the dry land this portage became a series of short steep ups and downs. More challenging due to the wetness. Half way across we heard a chain saw. We finished this portage and met a portage crew (chain saw noise solved). 2 There are two campsites. The island site is the traditional Bentpine site. The other site is on the south side 0.5 km east from the island. In 2006 it had some deadfalls and I stayed on the island. scott Quetico Summer 99 low 800 meters never again
Saganagons Slate Easy port over the hill. There was a nice campsite at the port and across the bay from the port. Seemed to have alot of activity w/ folks heading to other lakes. not sure Nice lake. Our group sighted 2 bear on one occassion and a large moose on another day. SlamminStevieP #5 Southeast Quetico Spring 04 average
rods easy
Lac la Croix Bottle Lake Bottle Portage is a highly regarded portage along the Voyageur's Highway, the commonly used route of the fur trade industry in the 1700s. Alexander Mackenzie, the first man to cross the North American continent in its northern latitudes, trudged Bottle Portage around 1790. In 1797, David Thompson, after fourteen years of service with The Hudson Bay Company, passed this portage on his way east to Grand Portage on Lake Superior. He described it as "uneven". Modern day paddlers have described this portage as wet and muddy with many pit holes. In my opinion it is better suited for moose, beaver, and turtles than it is for a "pork-eater" like myself. I day-tripped Bottle Portage on my way to Curtain Falls from Lac la Croix. I was traveling light with a canoe and day pack. Portaging in knee high boots, with a light load, the trail was a breeze. The put in on Bottle Lake though, was the ultimate in mud launches. Good luck finding a place to stand without sinking. Unless things have changed, a barefoot launch or take out is best recommended. Otherwise, be prepared to sacrifice your footwear to the mud pit that awaits you at the eastern end of Bottle Portage. Enjoy! not sure Iron Lake would be the most immediate destination or stop-over, otherwise it's a continuation to either The Quetico or The Basswood River and Basswood Lake. Water is typically clean and delicious and the area is unique. Solo On Basswood #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 09 unsure 80 rods difficult
McIntyre Unamed (on way to Earl) A short carry beside a beautiful water fall. Difficult due to bad parking on the McIntyre end and the abruptness of the ascent not sure A small beautiful rock hewn lake Solus #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 07 high 10 rods difficult
Unnamed Unamed (between McIntyre and Earll) A steady uphill climb with a couple of steep scrambles. Parking good on both sides not sure Relatively clear lake with nice rock. Campsite on NW facing point on NE shore of lake. Solus #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 07 high 450 meters average
Unnamed (on route from McIntyre) Earl A beautiful portage, difficult only because of it's length and the relatively poor parking at both ends. Take out is about halfway into the bay not at the end as Quetico Map shows. Winds into a grassy swamp and then climbs to a rolling bedrock parkland of lichen and groves of red and white pine. Descent to Earl is through a magnificent stand of red pine. Worth the trip for the trees and the walk along the rock. not sure Unique brown/orange lake trout inhabit this lake. Solus #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 07 high 780 meters difficult
Ted Hurn A slow descent, with occasional rock gardens to negotiate. Much of the lower portion was wet but water levels are exceptionally high. 2 A clear "laker" lake. Great cliffs along the north side. Solus #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 07 high 440 meters average
Hurn Elk A steady descent from Hurn to Elk. Some tricky rock gardens to negotiate but otherwise straightforward. 3 Clear water, good fishing, good campsites. Solus #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 07 high 38 rods average
McDougall Cushing The maps are vague--the portage is hard to find--it CLIMBS up a narrow cleft in a long stretch of cliff (look for the slight depression in the treeline)--a true goat portage, and slippery when wet. We were hoping there might be largemouth in Cushing, hence the effort wasted to get there. Going in opposite directions, two canoes trolled the entire circumference of the lake with only a couple small pike to show for the effort. No apparent campsites. None at all Not unattractive, not spectacular, a couple small pike picked up trolling. We saw depths to about 30'. Springer #3 Central Quetico Summer 07 low ? rods difficult
Kahshahpiwi Trant Difficult mainly because we spent a couple hours cutting through deadfalls so the next group wouldn't have to. The water levels were very high in early June 2012 following a mild winter, an early spring and very heavy rains in late May. In the past the portage was a mess following the demise of a beaver dam which kept the center third of the portage paddleable. With the beaver ponds emptied it was a long, messy slog, but not this time. There are several landings on the Kahsh side, which you use depends on which one you can get to, which is dependant on the water level. We had about a 40 rod walk to the first restored beaver dam. Lifting over we were able to paddle at least half way to Trant with one more beaver dam to lift over and a bit of canoe bushwhacking to get to the portage again. The last third is rocky but it runs along a pretty stream. 1 Pictographs, largemouth bass, one nice campsite, remote feeling. Springer #3 Central Quetico Spring 12 high 200 rods difficult
Minn lake Maligne River Tuesday Oct 2, 2007 canoed from Island campsite on Minn Lake north to 90 rod portage. The start of the portage was hard to find and appeared not to be used much. An old blaze on a white pine signalled the start on a wet marshy then rocky path. Carrying our canoes they scrapped brush the entire lenght of the portage. Climbed over rocky spine midway. Several windfalls, one on north end was waist height and very difficult to advance around. Several people in the party thought it must be longer than 90 rods, but I paced it and it seemed correct. There was a midpoint entry that might be possible to take going north (downstream) but we didn't take it. After the portage we pulled over several beaver dams and short portages and it took all morning to get to the 13 rod middle portage where we ate lunch. Then after the final 9 rod portage we were home free on the Maligne River.<BR><BR>starwatcher 2 Island campsite on Minn Lake - Nice but small.<BR><BR>May Island, nice, scenic with lots for firewood. starwatcher #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 07 high 90 rods difficult
Poohbah Conmee Everything written in the 2000 submission holds true twelve years later. The portages did not appear to have been maintained at all within the last few years. The only thing I would add is that the initial climb on the first portage out of Poobah is a serious hump. I carried an 18' wood/canvas up the hill, which certainly added to the difficulty, but it will be a challenge regardless of the weight of the canoe, especially if it is rainy at all. My partner and I travel pretty quickly, but with double portaging and stormy weather the three portages took us 6 hours. The campsite we stayed on in Conmee was on the western shore of the eastern section of the lake. There is a campsite on a northern island of that eastern section, but I do not recommend it. It is cramped and blown out with many widowmakers. 3
Stephen Sylvester #4 Southwest Quetico Summer 12 high 4,000 meters difficult
Lemay Kawnipi Lots of downed timber to drag canoes over on the first part coming out of Lemay and then a swampy, muddy area about midway through the portage. Even though difficult, it saves a lot of time from backtracking out through Lemay creek. Kawnipi water level as high as I've ever seen it. not sure
Steve-o-deepdiver #3 Central Quetico Spring 09 high
rods difficult
portage de savauge unknown savauge is a very difficult portage that is very rocky and steep and muddy. it doesnt seem bad when you get through the first few turns until you get to the giant rocks you have to climb which is difficult because of all the leaves and pine needles. some of thes rocks you have to use trees to hold on to as you climb up them. the bugs were horrible and so was the heat but there is no greater feeling of accomplishment after you finish this portage. this is followed by a short paddle to another very short portage which is just over a rock which is followed by a 1465 meter portage called bonhamme. its not a bad route if you are going to have a layover day at chatanim falls.its a very exhausting portage not sure very small lake. mine as well take the next small portage to the next lake where there are some small sites student voyageur #2 Northeast Quetico Summer 11 low 2000 meters never again
Yeh Lonely Overall a difficult portage but quite doable. The first part of the portage is fairly wet but has an adequate amount of corduroy. If you take your time and have decent balance you should be able to keep your feet relatively dry. The problem with the portage is that you use up most of your energy on the wet section. This makes the succession of gradual ups and downs that follow seem more difficult. I took a little break after the wet section and found the rest of the portage fairly manageable. I would not have wanted to do this twice though, so if you can avoid double-portaging it would be recommended. 5 A very nice lake that doesn't seem to see that many visitors. Have never camped on this lake but wouldn't hesitate to do so. tbm #3 Central Quetico Fall 10 average 1200 meters difficult
Clair Bentpine Without the good luck of spotting a blue ribbon some intrepid adventurer had hung in a tree, I don't think our group would have found it. The initial sludge into knee deep leech infested mud while being mauled by mosquitos was a pleasant start. There is a tranquil flat stretch through pines which was nice. Then the switch-backs started and never ended. We ended up riding down one of the hills in our aluminum canoe...quite fun. Even saw a bear track. Landing into Bentpine is precarious, so be careful on put-in...the Admiral went for a swim. not sure Heaven. The Admiral #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 09 unsure LONG rods difficult
Burntside Claire Easy, pack light, and 2 man the canoe...enough said. not sure
The Admiral #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 09 unsure ??? rods easy
Unnamed* (betweeen Dell and Grey, West of Shade) Grey If you are coming from the Unnamed lake (after Dell or Shade) and going toward Grey, take note that there are TWO trails from Unnamed that meet in a "T" at the middle of the portage. The one marked on maps at the north-east corner of the lake is not the recommended trail. It has reportedly grown over and is difficult to follow. The better trail is about 1/8 mile to the west, uphill through thick forest. These two trails meet at a low bog about 1/2 way through the portage. The "Groundhog Day effect" refers to those poor souls we saw taking the eastern-most trail and instead of going across the bog at the "T", started up the well-worn trail back to the same lake they started at. There are two approaches to crossing the bog. Some people went to the left along the rocks and slogged knee to waist deep in the muck when the rocks ran out. Those of us with advice from past travelers went to the right, stepping carefully on the logs laid out across the bog. slipping off the logs puts you "Balls-Deep" in the muck (the other popular name for this portage). After the bog, the trail is open, rocky and hilly but clear to Grey. None at all A pleasant lake to pass through. About midpoint (or a bit east) on the north shore of unnamed there is a lunch spot that could be a campsite for a party of two. thomerwald #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 average 130 rods difficult
Trant Kahshahpiwi Unlike James, we found the portage to be as described on the Fisher map, 2 shorter portages 20 & 80 rods, rather than one long 240 rod portage as described on the McKenzie map. (We took it from Kahshahpiwi so perspective is reversed.) I think water levels were a bit above average (or the beavers very busy) because we found the creek to be entirely navigable except for 3 beaver dams we had to portage. On two of them we needed to remove no gear. We just got out and hoisted the canoes, packs and all, over the dams. They ranged in height from 1.5 to 5 feet. I think that the 240 rod portage runs on the east side of the creek. If you are coming from Trant, the creek is to the right and at the end of the creek where the brush in the creek becomes too thick to paddle through, there is a trail on the right, or the west side of the creek. This is the short 20 rod portage that takes you into Kahshahpiwi. In 2010 it appeared that there was a lot of fresh cutting and clearing on this portage. 8+ Kahshahpiwi is one of the more stunning lakes and worth the effort it takes to get in. There are steep bluffs on both sides along much of the lake. The NE side was recently burned over in 08 or 09 so is a bit of an eyesore, though part of the natural cycle of things. thomerwald #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 high 22+80 rods difficult
Kahshahpiwi Trant On approaching this portage from Kahshahpiwi, we followed the creek through reeds looking for the trail. We did not know whether to trust the McKenzie map which put the portage at 240 rods, or the Fisher map that showed two shorter portages separated by a creek. (I don't know about others, but I'd rather paddle that haul gear on my back any day.) So, I went looking for the entrance to the shorter, paddling route. Some of my skeptical crew members said there was a trail going off to the right and up the bluff, but I ignored them and kept looking for the opening to the shorter portage. As the brush in the creek got too thick to navigate, we found a trail going to the left and curving around and emerging on the creek just above a 5-6 foot tall beaver dam. Paddling up the creek, we encountered two separate beaver dams, 2-3 ft and 1.5 ft respectively. getting out of the boats, we lifted the boats, gear and all over both dams. Then came the rocky 80 rod trail into Trant. Careful on the rocks! there are some ankle busters. Setting my canoe down into Trant, I fell sideways and thought I was going to snap my ankle which was wedged between two rocks! I could see where this portage could dissapear in low-water years, or if the beaver dams got wiped out in spring ice breakup. 2 Take a look at Trant on the map and see the dancing Indian with the big club in his left hand. The portage from Kahshahpiwi emerges on his left foot. The first campsite is on the right side of his narrow waist. 2 stars for being small and unlevel. The 4 star site, Club Med, Trant, is on the dancer's left shoulder, on the north bank of the narrows. It has a lawn for bocce ball or croquette, several nice tent sites. The opposing cliff is a cool diving spot and there is a big swimmer's party rock in the middle. One of my crew tossed her fishing line in and nearly immediately a large bass leaped on her lure, providing a nice addition to dinner.<BR><BR>There are Pictographs on this lake but not where the Fisher Map claims. The pictographs are on the dancer's right hip, just south of the first campsite. Always look for a north facing, flat surface with a protective overhang to find pictographs. thomerwald #3 Central Quetico Summer 10 high 22 + 80 rods difficult
Argo Unnamed* this dosent exsist i spent about 2 hours trying to find ot and couldnt not sure
Tim Quetico selected 10 unsure 160 rods Rate this portage
donna laughing duck Brush crash. But not too bad. Not for the inexperienced.<BR><BR>Out of a bay on the north end of Donna portage to a small circular lake to the north. From there it is a see-thru portage to Laughing Duck. Not my name for it. I told Bob Carry about it and he knew the place. That was 1979 so, ?. Fairly easy brush crash from the round no-name lake down to the Tuck River. 1 Looks like an animated daffy duck on the map. (Just west of Kashapiwi.) Very similar to Kashapiwi. Tall cliffs. Very deep and beautifull. Has Lake Trout,whie fleshed. tom #4 Southwest Quetico Fall 95 unsure ? rods difficult
Craig Robinson From Robinson our outfitter told us that this lake had some monster bass and then when we left on our trip he must have laughed his head off at telling us to walk through this swamp. The 70 rods seemed easy enough and we went in August when the bugs weren't bad and there had been no rain but on the trip in we all lost shoes in knee deep mud and slip slided our way to eventually get to the Craig lake where the fishing was termed poor at best by the 8 men who went over. We tried to find the other longer portage back that is to the north but to no avail so we had to go through the mud and the muck and the beer(which we didn't have) back to Robinson to rest our tired souls and soles(if we were lucky enough to keep our shoes). 4
Veez Quetico Summer 05 unsure 70 rods difficult
Saganagons Saganaga ( Below Silver Falls) this portage is 3/4th's of a mile.up and down hills. not surre how many rods it is. a few STEEP rock faces 3
William Pierrre #5 Southeast Quetico Summer 08 high 200 rods difficult
Cirrus Beaverhouse Nice downhill portage! A little long but dry and fairly easy! not sure Small Jump lake between cirrus and beaverhouse windowsrules #2 Northeast Quetico Spring 10 low
rods average
Yeh Lonely A good challenge for those seeking one. A balancing act on logs through bog, then a billy goat run. BEWARE!! False portage on Yeh about where the portage is indicated on the Fisher map. My group and another were both mucking around trying to find our bearings. 3 Of the three, the southern two can handle larger groups. Both had overhanging dead trees. WWAD #1 Northwest Quetico Summer 09 average 300 rods difficult