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BWCA Portages

#23 to Mudro
Abinodji to Swing
Ada to Skoop
Ada Creek to Ada
Ada Lake to Skoop
Adams to Boulder
Adams to Treasure
Adventure to Cattyman
Adventure to Jitterbug
Adventure Lake to Jordan Lake
Afton to Cleffe (or Clefte)
Agamok to Gabimichigami
Agnes to Oyster River
Ahsub to Jitterbug
Alder to Canoe
Alder to Pierz
Alice to Fishdance
Alpine to Jasper
Alpine to Seagull
Alton to Beth
Alton to Kelso
Alton to Wonder
Angleworm to Home
Anit to Kivaniva
Annie to Ogishkemuncie
Ashdick to Ester
Ashdick to Swamp
Ashigan to Gibson
Baker to Peterson
Bald Eagle to Entry #84
Bald Eagle to Gull
Bald Eagle to Turtle
Basswood to Basswood*
Basswood* to Basswood*
Basswood* to Basswood*
Basswood* to Basswood*
Basswood to Crooked
Basswood* to Good
Basswood* to Indiana
Basswood to Indiana
Basswood* to Newton
Basswood River to Basswood River*
Basswood River to Basswood River*
Basswood River to Basswood River*
Bat to Gillis
Bearskin to Duncan
Beartrack to Thumb
Beartrap to Beartrap River
Beartrap River to Beartrap
Beartrap River to Iron*
Beartrap River to Sunday
Beaver to Adams
Beaver to Fisher
Beth to Ella
Big to Duck
Big to LaPond
Big Moose to Cummings
Big Sletten to Tee
Boot to Ensign
Boot to Fairy
Boot to Haven
Bootleg to Little Indian Sioux River
Boulder to Cap
Boulder to Ledge
Boulder Bay to Lac La Croix
Boulder River to Agnes
Boulder River to Agnes
Boulder River to Dahlgren River
Bower Trout to Marshall
Brandt to Edith
Brant to Gotter
Brewis to Harbor
Bridge to Rifle
Brule to Cam
Brule to Juno
Brule to South Cone
Brule to South Temperance
Brule to Vernon
Buck to Western
Bug to Dent
Bullet to Bullet
Bullet to Moosecamp
Burnt to Kelly
Burntside to Crab*
Burntside to Crab
Burntside Lake to Crab Lake
Cacabic to Alice
Cacabic to Thomas
Cam to Brule
Cam to Gasket
Camdre to Clearwater
Canoe to Pine
Cap to Boulder
Cap to Roe
Caribou to Clearwater
Caribou to Deer
Caribou to Horseshoe
Carl to Lux
Carol to Hum
Cattyman to Adventure
Cattyman to Jordan
Ceph to Albert
Chad to Buck
Cherokee to Sitka
Cherry to Lunar
Clear to South Kawishiwi River
Clearwater to Caribou
Clearwater to Mountain
Clearwater to Rock Island
Clearwater to Turtle
Clearwater to West Pike
Confusion to Kawishiwi River*
Confusion to Kawishiwi River*
Crab to Clark
Crab to Little Crab
Crab Lake to Little Crab lake
Crooked to Iron
Crooked to Papoose
Crooked to Wabasons
Cross Bay to Rib
Crystal to Spaulding
Cummings to Buck
Cummings to Korb River
Cummings to Neewin
Cummings to Otter
Dahlgren River to Stuart
Deer to Caribou
Deer to Moon
Disappointment to Ahsub
Disappointment to Snowbank
Dix to Spoon
Duck to Big Moose
Dugout to Skidway
Duncan to Rose
East Bearskin to Alder
East Bearskin to Crocodile
East Bearskin to Moon
East Pike to John
East Pike to West Pike
East Pipe to Mid Pipe
Eddie to Kekekabic
Eddy to Jenny
Eddy to Knife
Edith to Brant
Elton to Unnamed*
Ensign to Ashigan
Ensign to Boot
Ensign to Splash
Ensign to Vera
Entry #1 to Trout
Entry #14 to Little Indian Sioux River
Entry #16 to Moose River
Entry #18 to Stuart River
Entry #21 to Angleworm
Entry #23 to Fourtown
Entry #23 to Mudro
Entry #26 to Wood
Entry #31 North Kawishiwi River to Clear
Entry #32 to South Kawishiwi River
Entry #33 to Gabbro
Entry #33 to Little Gabbro
Entry #35 to Isabella
Entry #43 to Lower Trout
Entry #44 to Ram (BW)
Entry #45 to Morgan
Entry #50 to Unnamed
Entry #51 Round Lake to Missing Link
Entry #6 to Slim
Entry #67 to Bog
Entry #77 to South Hegman
Entry #8 to Big Moose
Entry #84 to Bald Eagle*
Entry #s 20 & 21 to Angleworm
Ester to Ashdick
Ester to Hanson
Eugene to Fat
Fairy to Gun
Fall to Newton
Fan to Mountain
Fee to Hoe
Fee to Vee
Finger to Finger Creek
Fire to Lake Four
Flying to Gotter
Flying to Green
Fourtown to Boot
Fourtown to Fourtown
Fourtown to Moosecamp
Fourtown to Mudro
Fourtown to Unnamed*
Fox to Stuart
Frederick to Wine
Frost to Afton
Frost to Afton
Gabbro to Bald Eagle
Gasket to Cam
Gaskin to Jump
Gaskin to Winchell
Ge-Be-On-E-Quat to Ge-Be-On-E-Quat Creek
Ge-Be-On-E-Quat to Green (St. Louis)
Ge-Be-On-E-Quat Creek to Ge-Be-On-E-Quat
Gibson to Cattyman
Gillis to Bat
Glee to Elusion
Glenmore to Schlamm
Gordon to Cherokee
Gotter to Flying
Grace to Ella
Grandpa to Roy
Granite Bay to Granite
Grassy to Mulligan
Green to Bat
Green (Cook) to Bat
Green (St. Louis) to Ge-Be-On-E-Quat
Gull to Gun
Gull to Pietro
Gull to Thunder
Gun to Bullet
Gun to Gull
Gun to Little Beartrack
Gun to Wagosh
Ham to Cross Bay
Hanson to Cherry
Hanson to Knife
Hanson to Knife
Harbor to North Wilder
Hatchet to Ima
Haven to Abinodji
Hensen to Gaskin
Henson to Otto
Heritage to Lynx
Hoe to Makwa
Home to Gull
Hook to Big Rice
Horse to Fourtown
Horse to Lower Basswood Falls
Horse to Tin Can Mike
horse river to horse
Horsefish to Pace
Horseshoe to Brewis
Horseshoe to Gaskin
Horseshoe to Vista
Hub to Alice
Hudson to Fire
Hudson to Insula
Hula to Good
Hustler to Emerald
Hustler to Ruby
Ima to Hatchet
Ima Lake to Reflection Lake
Indiana to Good
Insula to Alice
Insula to Carol
Insula to Hope Lake
Insula to Hudson
Insula to Kawishiwi River
Insula to Kiana
Iron to Dark
Iron to Lac La Croix
Isabella to Bald Eagle
Isabella to Quadga
Isabella River to Bald Eagle Lake
Jake to Morgan
Jap to Seagull
Jasper to Ogishkemuncie
Jenny to Annie
Jenny to Calico
Jitterbug to Adventure
Jitterbug to Ahsub
John to East Pike
John to Royal
Jordan to Ima
Jump to Allen
Karl to Long Island
Kawasachong to Polly
Kawasachong to Townline
Kawishiwi River to Alice
Kawishiwi River to Clear
Kawishiwi River* to Kawishiwi River*
Kawishiwi River* to Kawishiwi River*
Kawishiwi River* to North Kawishiwi River*
Kawishiwi River to Trapline
Kekekabic to Kekekabic Ponds
Kekekabic to Strup
Kelly to Burnt
Kelly to Peterson
Kiana to Insula
Kingfisher to Jasper
Kingfisher to Ogishkemuncie
Kiskadinna to Davis
Kiskadinna to Muskeg
Kiskadinna to Omega
Kivaniva to Kawishiwi River
Knife to Amoeber
Knife to Bonnie
Knife to Eddy
Knife to Eddy
Knife to Hanson
Knife to Hanson
Knife to Sema
Knife to Vera
Knife-North Arm to Amoeber
Koma to Malberg
Korb to Cummings
Korb River to Cummings
Kroft to Rum
La Croix to Pocket Creek
Lac La Croix to Boulder River
Lac La Croix to Iron
Lac La Croix to Takucmich
Lake Four to Bridge
Lake Four to Hudson
Lake One to Confusion
Lake one to Lake Two
Lake Three to Horseshoe
Lake Two to Lake One
Lake Two to Rock Island
Lamb to Nina Moose
Lapond to Big Rice
Ledge to Vee
Lily to Mulligan
Little Caribou to Caribou
Little Crab to Korb
Little Crab Lake to Korb River to to Korb Lake
Little Gabbro to Entry #31
Little Gabbro to Entry #33
Little Gabbro to Kawishiwi River
Little Gunflint to Little North
Little Indian Sioux River to Little Trout
Little Indian Sioux River to Upper Pauness
Little Indian Sioux River a to Little Indian Sioux River
Little Indian Sioux River b to Little Indian Sioux River
Little Indian Sioux River -@Sioux Falls to enroute to Bootleg Lake from Echo Trail
Little Indian Sioux South to Little Indian Sioux South
Little John to John
Little Loon to Heritage Creek
Little Loon to Slim
Little Pony River to Bootleg
Little Saganaga to Virgin
Little Shell to Lynx
Little Shell to Shell
Little trout to Misquah
Lizz to Caribou
Lizz Lake to Caribou
Long Island to Muskeg
Loon to Heritage Creek
Louse to Bug
Louse to Poe
Lower George to Karl
Lower Pauness to Little Indian Sioux River
Lower pauness to Shell
Lujenida to Zenith
Lunetta to Hassel
Lux to Jake
Lynx to Agawato
Lynx to Little Shell
Lynx to Ruby
Makwa to Unnamed Pond - Makwa / Panhandle
Malberg to Kawishiwi River
Malberg to Koma
Malberg (West Arm) to Kawishiwi River
Marshall to Dugout
McEwen to Kenny
McFarland to East Pike
McFarland to Pine
Middle Cone to North Cone
Misquah to Little Trout
Misquah to Vista
Missing Link to Snipe
Missing Link to Tuscarora
Missionary to Skoota
Moon to Deer
Moon to East Bearskin
Moose to Wind
Moose River to Entry #16
Moose River to Nina Moose
Moosecamp to Fourtown
Moosecamp Creek to Moosecamp Creek
Morgan to Carl
Mountain to Clearwater
Mountain to Pemmican
Mountain to Watap
Mudro to Entry #23
Mudro to Fourtown
Mudro to Sandpit
Mug to Poe
Muskeg to Kiskadinna
Newfound to Skull
Newfound to Splash
Newton to Basswood*
Newton to Basswood
Newton to Fall
Niki to Wagosh
Nina Moose to Agnes
Nina Moose to Moose River
North to Lac La Croix
North Fowl to Moose
North Kawishiwi River to Conchu
North Kawishiwi River* to North Kawishiwi River*
North Kawishiwi River* to North Kawishiwi River - Farm
North Kawishiwi River to Pickerel (BW)
North Wilder to Hudson
North Wilder to South Wilder
North Wilder to the river
Ogishkemuncie to Annie
Ogishkemuncie to Holt
Ogishkemuncie to Kingfisher
Ogishkemuncie to Mueller
Ogishkemuncie to Skin Dance
Ogishkemuncie to Spice
Omega to Hensen
Omega to Henson
Omega to Unnamed (south)
Otter to Little Indian Sioux River
Ottertrack to Ester
Ottertrack to Jasper
Ottertrack to Little Knife
Oyster to Hustler
Pace to Amimi
Pan to Anit
Panhandle to Pan
Parent to Disappointment
Peterson to Baker
Peterson to Jack
Peterson to Kelly
Picket to Nels
Pickle to Kekekabic
Pidgeon River to Superior
Pietro to Camdre
Pigeon River to Superior
Pillsbery to Allen
Pine to Canoe
Pine to Gadwall
Pine to Little Caribou
Pine to Long
Pine to Trout
Pine Creek to Chad
Pocket to Ge-be-one-quet
Pocket to Pocket Creek
Poe to Louse
Poplar to Lizz
Poplar to Meeds
Poplar to Skipper
Poplar to Swamp
Powell to French
Quadga to Bald Eagle
Ram (BW) to Kroft
Red Rock to Alpine
Rib to Lower George
Rifle to Lake Two
Rock Island to Clearwater
Rocky Lake to Oyster Lake
Roe to Cap
Rose to Daniels
Rose to Duncan
Rose to Rove
Ross to Cave
Round to Tuscarora
Round to West Round
Roy to Saganaga
Royal to South Fowl
Rum to Little Trout
Rush to Banadad
Saganaga to Red Rock
Saganaga to Swamp
Saganaga to Zephyr
Saganaga to Zypher
Sandpit to Basswood*
Sandpit to Basswood*
Sandpit to Mudro
Sandpit to Range
Sandpit to Tin Can Mike
Sawbill to Ada Creek
Sawbill to Alton
Sawbill to Kelso
Sawbill to Smoke
Schlamm to Lunetta
Seagull to Alpine
Seagull to Grandpa
Seagull to Rog
Section 3 Pond to South
Shell to Heritage
Shell to Little Shell
Shell to Lower Pauness
Silaca to Coxey Pond
Silaca to Silaca Creek
Skipper to Little Rush
Skoop to Ada
Skoop to Cherokee
Skoop to Cherokee Creek
Skoota to Dix
Slim to Keneu
Slim to Section 3 Pond
Smoke to Burnt
Smoke to Sawbill
Snowbank to Boot
Snowbank to Disappointment
Snowbank to Flash
Snowbank to Grub
Snowbank to Parent
South* to Steep
South to Steep
South Arm Knife to Eddy
South Cone to Middle Cone
South Fowl to Pigeon River
South Hegman to North Hegman & Trease
South Kawishiwi River to Little Gabbro
South Temperance to Weird
Spaulding to Bench
Splash to Newfound
Steep to Eugene
Strup to Wisini
Stuart to Fox
Swallow to Pillsbery
Swamp to Ashdick
Swamp to Ottertrack
Swamp to Ottertrack
Swan to Lac
Swing to Gibson
Takucmich to Trygg
Takumich to Trillium
Thomas to Cacabic
Thomas to Hatchet
Thumb to Finger
Thunder to Bear Trap
Thunder to Beartrap
Tin Can Mike to Horse
Tin Can Mike to Sandpit
Town to Vesper
Townline to Polly
Trader to Explorer
Trader to Missionary
Trapline to beaver
Trapline to Kawishiwi River
Trease to Angleworm
Triangle to Entry #29
Triangle to Kawishiwi
Triangle to Kawishiwi River
Trout to Little Trout
Trout to Oriniack
Trout to Pine Creek
Trout to Pine River
Tuscarora to Missing Link
Twin to Burntside
Two to Horseshoe
Unnamed* to Horse
Unnamed* to Little Saganaga
Unnamed* to Wanihigan
Unnamed Pond - Makwa / Panhandle to Panhandle
Upper Pauness to Lower Pauness
Upper Pauness to Lower Pauness
Vera to Knife
Vera to Trader
Vermilion to Trout
Vermilion to Trout
Vern to East Pipe
Vesper to Gasket
Vesper to Town
Virgin to West Fern
Vista to Jake
Wagosh to Gun
Wanihigan to Grassy
Wanihigan to Winchell
Washte to Wind
West Fern to Powell
West Pike to East Pike
West Pike to Gogebic
West Round to Edith
Western to Glenmore
Winchell to Omega
Winchell to State
Wind to Basswood*
Wind to Basswood*
Wind to Washte
Wine to Mug
Wood Lake to Hula
Zenith to Dujenida
Zenith to Lujenida

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