Camping in the Boundary Waters and Quetico


I'd like to thank all the people without who's help this site would not exist. That includes all the visitors (like you?) who send their comments, ideas, encouragement and creative efforts.

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is provided by the Inukshuks

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  • dbdigital - website design
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  • "the aaronmeister" - bear in tent animation

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  • David Bintzler
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Thanks to Everyone
I've shared trips with over the past two decades. All of which have contributed to this site in their own peculiar ways.

  • Mary + Tom Uttech, Janet + Dave Bintzler, Mark + Brenda + Jamie Boyce, Colleen + Mary Halloran, Paul + Carol Moran, Tom Braun, Grant Reginato, Dave Abresch, Jon Salzman, Chris Franski, Jenny Saliture, and many others.

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