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Boundary Waters & Quetico Park
Picture of the Day - Visitor Additions.

All visitors are encouraged to participate
by submitting photos via e-mail to:

Please include your name as you wish it to be displayed with your image(s) and any title(s) if desired. Yes, you can send as many jpgs as you want in one e-mail.

If a specific display date is important to you, please include your preferred date(s) and mention "date sensitive" in the subject of your e-mail. Date requests can only be accepted on a first come, first served basis and all I can promise is I'll try.

Kid pictures and submissions from names I don't instantly recognize can expect an e-mail 'thank you' after shots are processed, uploaded and scheduled as well as the anticipated display date(s). Please be patient (could be a month or more, maybe six?). Your addition was probably received just fine and will go up sometime. Names I recognize? Hey thanks in advance! I always appreciate them. ;)


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