Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Cold Weather Gorp Snack
thanks to Don

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Salted dry roasted nuts
  • Raisins
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Cooking instructions:
Mix equal amounts of each ingredient in recloseable plastic bag (chocoholics like me add more chips).

Make enough to share and be sure to drink plenty of water whenever you rest and recharge for the next leg of your trip.

Try substituting beer nuts or cashews, and use m&m's only if very warm weather is promised.

Add dried fruit like pineapple, cranberries, or apricots as well if you want to get fancy, but I like the KISS rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

This is a high calorie, high energy snack (leave the nutrition for mealtime) that packs and travels well at room temperature or below. It is the best gorp I've found when temps are below freezing (hunters take note) because the choc chips don't get hard as a rock like m&m's do.

You can live on this stuff if you get hurt or lost, so take more of it than you think you will need. But don't forget the water.

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