Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Pink Flamingo Stew
thanks to old salt

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1-2 Pink Flamingos (found in Q at various times & locations, check w/ Jimbo prior to trip to find current info)
  • If no Pinks are found, may substitute lake trout.
  • Fill largest pot 1/2 full with lake water.
  • Dice meat into large, bite-size chunks.
  • Add: Corn, carrots, potatoes,&/or wild rice, lemon.
  • Go thru food pack and add anything else that sounds good.
  • Season with any kind of Cajun or fish spice that you like. Be generous.
  • Optional: Flour (handful). This will turn whole pot white. Slowly add drops of red food color, stirring constantly, until proper shade of pink (pepto-bismol) is achieved. (Flour & red food color may be omitted if pink color is not desired).

Cooking instructions:
Cook over low-med heat, stirring, until boiling. When pot boils 5 min., its ready to serve. If you're going for the pink surprise, send campmates out to fish the hot laker hole near camp while you volunteer to toil over dinner. Tell them you'll call them in when dinner is almost ready. When pot starts to boil, call them in. Cover pot, when you hear them coming in. Wait to reveal until all are standing in eager anticipation around the stove, commenting on the great smell emanating from the pot. Tell them you used a secret ingredient, (pink flamingos), then reveal.

Keep stirring pot, being careful to not let ingredients stick and burn. If they do, just comment casually about mesquite smoking the bird to get the right affect. Trust me, someone will bite.

Vary quantity according to crew size.

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