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Both Quetico and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area are Wilderness parks. They are substantial areas where the forces of nature are permitted to act freely and where visitors travel by non-mechanized means to experience incredible solitude, and personal challenge. There are places in these areas where the nearest human is days away, not to mention the nearest hospital. Here are a few basic skills you shouldn't leave home without.


Remember everything you learned in Kindergarten about following rules and respecting others.
Know how to swim, but realize hypothermia will cause unconsciousness, making swimming very difficult. The water can be very cold.
Know what's in the first aid kit and how to improvise in an emergency.
A map and compass are dead weight unless you can use them together. There are no trail markers in Quetico.
White water paddling skills are nice but only an idiot would plan on using them here. Use the portages. They are there for a reason.
Flat water paddling skills are essential when its windy.
Know how to "bear proof" your camp.
Be physically able to carry your stuff. Portages can be grueling.


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