by Bryan Kegler

Looking at the map,
I look in wonder
Looking at the map,
Of what's out there, yonder

Looking at the map
I begin to gage
Looking at the map
Another year, another page,

Looking at the map
I look in disbelief
Looking at the map
How far I've already reached

Looking at the map
That familiar fear begins to surface
Looking at the map
I think about the purpose.

Looking at the map
What the hell is the purpose?
Looking at the map.
What am I, stupid?

I think about the joy and pride of making it on my own in the wilderness.
I think about the pain in each stride as I ache and my own bitterness.

I think about that sunset with the splash of a beaver's tail.
I think of a night with good whiskey but no ale

I think of the Milky Way and the Northern Lights
I think of the wolves' howl after twilight.

As I pull the paddle and watch the gentle swirl
I'm able to put things in perspective
As I remember that lovely girl

Did I hang the food pack just right?
Will it be out of reach of the bears in the night?

I want her, but I'll have to wait.
She wants me too,
Only God knows our fate.

Soon I'll be back home
Caught up in civilizations trappings
But tonight, I'm in the deep woods
Doing some good old fashioned camping.

Tonight I will fear death.
In the morning I will rejoice life.

That is the why.
An opportunity to know God
And share his high.

Bryan Kegler

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