The Summer of the Wolves
by Curt Iverson

In Aug. of 2003, Bart and I were fishing the shoreline of Garnder Bay. In the forest we heard a rustle of the leaves, "Sounds like a pack of dogs", we said, as it was a sound unlike the squirrel or a ground rodent stirring the leaves.

It was about 8:00 PM, just hours before the full moon would appear! As we casted for bass, the pack of wolves made their music, right across from our camp! We stopped breathing to capture every howl. They stopped their chorus, and we were in awe of the magic!

Back at camp a few hours later, we were laid out in our hammocks, watching the moon rise, when behind us, an animal made its way close to our site!

We headed in the direction of the sound, Bart's headlight on, when beside us, walking with us, Bart's light shined on the back of a silver wolf. He moved the light to the wolf's head and it's eye's met the light. We paused for a second and then took off, questioning after we ran "why are we running?"

We enjoyed a good laugh back at the hammock, and listened to the pack most of the night as they made their way south.

In Sept. of 2003, my wife and I had set up camp on lake 1, on the SW point site! Taking our first afternoon cruise we headed to the Pagami creek mouth, as this area is known for wildlife! Rounding the corner, we heard a horrific sound of an animal in distress.

Looking towards the creek mouth, to our amazement and complete awe, a silver wolf was on top of a buck deer and had driven the deer into the mud of the creek mouth! The wolf caught our movement, and in an eyeblink was in the treeline, leaving the deer in the shoulder deep muck!

We paddled to the deer, getting very close as I turned the canoe, and with my paddle I proceeded to push the deer out of the mud, while noticing the fresh open wounds on the neck and rump made by the attack! The deer finally made it to solid ground and just stood there, not wanting to enter the darkness of the treeline, as I am sure it knew it's fate was sealed!

The next few days we had two more wolf sightings; a silver came to drink in our bay as we were fishing, and another smaller wolf swam across our bay in the middle of the afternoon! I have taken 15 trips, and to see this activity in one summer is just unbelievable! I will never forget our summer of wolf!

Curt Iverson

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