My Piece of Heaven
Sandra Walters

Most of our everyday lives are filled with ups and downs. 1999 was definitely a year of more downs than ups for me. I found myself facing the death of my fifteen year marriage and didn't know where I was headed much less where life would take me and my three boys.

While perusing the internet one day I happened upon a conversation with one spectacular individual. Everything this man said gave me new meaning and clarity to my life. I held on to every word that he typed and we wrote daily for months.

Although we talked about anything and everything, I noticed one topic was reoccurring; Quetico. I had never heard of Quetico before and although my grandfather brought me up as a fisherman, I had never spent the night in the wilderness or even gone camping for that matter. Sensing my need for a complete overhaul in my life, this incredible man, who is now my husband, decided a trip to Quetico would be the perfect adventure to show me the importance of life.

A trip was planned for June of 2000. I was unfamiliar with every aspect of planning, territory, and expectations and I suppose that is why Bucky handled all the details with great vigor. He had been traveling to Quetico since 1974 and new the ins and outs like the back of his hand. I would be traveling with the best and I knew it the moment we loaded our van. Every detail was taken care of. I was to sit back and enjoy the ride and that is exactly what I did!


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