Surveys of Boundary Waters & Quetico Park Visitors


Surveys of Boundary Water & Quetico Park Visitors

General Visitor's Survey
A very general survey of site visitors.

Canoe Camper's Survey
If you have canoe camped in either Quetico or the BWCA we would like your input. We know that 30 questions is a lot to ask, but we also know that people who canoe camp are endowed with the patience of a rock. No challenge is too great for you.

Single Question Surveys
What do you want to know? Suggest a new survey.

The official Quetico Provincial Park Survey done in 2002
This survey was based upon about 1,000 questionnaires. People chose to be surveyed. Making these results available to visitors of QuietJourney is but a small way to reply to those involved. Thanks to everyone who participated.
~ Robin Reilly, Quetico Park Superintendent


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