Previous BWCA/Quetico Surveys
Yes! You can still participate.

•How many fish do you keep?

•How far do you paddle?

•Can you stand in your tent?

•If you found something at the end of a portage would you probably...

•How heavy is your canoe?

•When you paddled the BW/Q last year (2000), how many people were there in your group?


•What sort of pack do you prefer for canoe camping?

•When was your first trip to the BWCA or Quetico?

•Do you leave firewood for the next person?

•How far is the BWCA/Quetico your home?

•When we see other campers in the wilderness, should we go out of our way to be friendly and chat or should we go out of our way to avoid them so as not to interfere with their wilderness experience?

•What do you do with your food at night?

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