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Quetico Park and Boundary Waters Maps

Magical Maps
Quetico Topo Maps
Quetico Park Map (waterproof, printed)


Crismar Quetico map - Waterproof
Waterproof Printed Map of Quetico Provincial Park

Back by popular demand, produced in cooperation with and carefully reviewed by Quetico Provincial Park and The Quetico Foundation. This is the 2005 revision of the official Quetico map. It's the one they will soon be selling at the ranger stations. This 1:125,000 scale map has extraordinary geographic detail plus ranger stations, entry points, portages, island names, lake elevations, historic attractions, UTM grid, numerous inset maps of access points and complex areas, and many other features.

Topographic Maps   Topo Maps of Quetico

This is the complete set of full size Canadian Government topographic maps (Just like USGS topos.) That cover Quetico Park and parts of the Boundary Waters too!! All 13 maps are included on this cross platform CD-ROM along with free demo software. Includes Algonquin Park, Manitoba Parklands, Atikaki, Nopiming, Whiteshell... and Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Sorry, Wabakimi Provincial Park is NOT included.

McKenzie Quetico McKenzie Boundary Waters Magical Maps

These are software programs specifically designed to help plan your canoeing & fishing trips into Quetico Park or the Boundary Waters. Contains the complete set of McKenzie™ Maps of the BWCA and/or Quetico Park.

Free online map of Quetico and the Boundary waters.
Minnesota DNR
Boundary Waters maps online including lake depth maps,
aerial photos, topographic maps, etc..
Legacy Forest Internet Map Server
Online maps for Quetico Park. Interactive maps that show
portages, campsites as well as Aerial Photos...
Don't forget Google's Satellite Maps

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