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How to predict the weather during canoe trips.

Predicting the weather.

Weather is one of the main factors on any canoe trip. In Quetico and the Boundary Waters the weather can easily make or break a trip. Being prepared for changes can soften the blow. For most of us, our trips are the longest we're outside the whole year and the last weather forecast we heard is usually wrong by the second day anyway! Here are some general weather tips to help us make our own predictions. Quetico and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is no place to be caught off guard. Remember to play it safe before the weather turns sour.

The first thing that you must do to be able to predict weather is to be aware of what is happening around you. It is generally not possible to be indoors most of the day and be able to predict weather. People who work outdoors often are good predictors of weather. Farmers, sailors, construction workers, and others have become good at being able to detect a change in the weather and what it can mean for them. They have learned to stay aware of the wind direction, cloud formations, and temperature changes.

Predicting the weather:

"Pitch your tent early when you feel the east wind, even if the sky is blue with no clouds. This is especially true on a canoe trip where the next decent campsite many be several hours and miles away."

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