Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Bourbon Bbq Sauce
thanks to Bobby Joe

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Kansas City Master Peace sauce - buy one gallon of it, plain
  • Eight cups of fresh sweet well water or distilled
  • Two cups of apple cider vinegar
  • 2/3 cup liquid smoke
  • 1/6 cup celery seed
  • 1/6 cup fresh ground black pepper
  • 1/6 cup kosher salt
  • One table spoon powdered cayenne
  • One cup of (beam me up Jim) bourbon black label

Cooking instructions:
Combine all of the ingredients except for the bourbon into an eight quart stainless steel sauce pan. Bring to a very slow simmer and stir frequently. After the sauce has reached a temperature of 165 degrees, remove from heat and add the bourbon. Stir in very well and taste. The only adjustment you may need is a little more salt, but I really doubt that you will.

Comments: Prepare ahead of time and store in any non-aluminum container. This will keep for months unrefrigerated.. I have made my name known in Geneva and St Charles Illinois as one of the best BBQ Caterers from this recipe. Taken along with me on the Fox River and a few friends, I used this on some pheasant grilled over hardwood coals on a simple wire rack grill and proved my throne.. I made a living off this recipe and I would love for you all to visit me sometime at .

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