Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Cole Slaw
thanks to Rick Smith

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Cabbage
  • Salad dressing packets
  • Dried onion or pepper flakes (optional)

Cooking instructions:
Shred cabbage so that you have very thin strips. Use the same amount you normally would. Spread shredded cabbage on large cookie sheets and dry in oven at lowest setting and door cracked. This will take several hours (or use a food dehydrator). Zip-Lock the dried cabbage. To serve, reconstitute with cold water for 15-30 minutes, drain well, then mix with your favorite salad dressing.

You can vary this by switching out the dressings or by adding dried onion or pepper flakes before rehydrating. You can get the little salad dressing packets from restaurants and give folks their choice.

One of the things missing most on long trips is salad. This recipe is simple and results in a great cool crunchy side dish that is cheap and easy to prepare.

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