Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Ultimate Pita Pizzas
thanks to James P

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Pita bread (2/person, the thin kind work better)
  • Pizza sauce (tomato paste works fine as well)
  • Margarine
  • Mushroom
  • Cheese
  • Onion
  • Green Pepper
  • Any other topping you like

Cooking instructions:
-Cover pita with sauce.
-Apply desired toppings to half of pita, add copious amounts of cheese.
-Slowly fold in half so the pita does not break and spread margarine over one side. Place that side down onto the grill and cook slowly over coals.
Spread margarine over the opposite side and flip when the pita is golden brown.

If your like me you'll end up putting to many toppings on your pizza. If your loosing containment, place a small twig in the end of the pita to help keep it together. Ass the cheese melts you can take the twig out. Margarine or butter doesn't have to be used, although it adds significant favor and texture.
Another option is not to fold the pita in half and cook open faced. If one chooses to do this, place a pot or metal plate over the pita to trap heat and melt the cheese.

I used to be a camp counselor and made these for all my campers. When made with margarine, I never had one camper complain about them.

I also made them for 6 of my friends on a recent trip to Algonquin and they were a huge success. (One friend makes them on his BBQ now !)

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