Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Fried Oatmeal
thanks to KitchenSink

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Individual packets of maple & brown sugar flavored oatmeal - any amount
  • Parkay Squeeze Butter

Cooking instructions:
Squeeze 2-8 tablespoons butter into center of 8" frying pan
Heat butter until it melts
add 1-6 packets of oatmeal and spread evenly around pan
break up the maple sugar chunks
stir oatmeal around in butter
add butter so entire contents of pan are exposed to butter
stir, flip and finally pat oatmeal into patty as you gradually reduce heat from medium to low to off
Should take about 5 minutes total

I like patting mine into a big warm granola bar that I can eat with a fork or spoon.

You'll leave the frying pan hungry...five minutes later you will be extremely thirsty...by the time you leave the campsite you will be full.

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