Recipes for the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Quick & Easy Pancakes
thanks to Todd Mask

Recipe Ingredients:

  • One plastic bottle of Bisquick blueberry or plain pancake mix
  • water

Cooking instructions:
Add water to bottle and shake well. Pour on to hot skillet and enjoy.

For thinner pancakes or to make the recipe go farther add just a little more water than the recipe calls for.

This is an easy, mess free way to make pancakes. The bottle can be used for other kitchen uses. Or if you have Bisquick in a ziplock you can transfer to the bottle to do again and again, or you can just bring a bottle for each pancake breakfast you plan on having. When we are canoeing in July we add more fresh picked blueberries. You will not have a bowl to wash and you can clean your bottle by just putting hot water and soap in and shaking.

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