To Touch A Dream (1 of 4)
by Breezy

As I sit in my comfortable home in southern Tennessee, I stop and reflect on our experience at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Many times when life gets hectic, I slow it down by closing my eyes and reliving the dream I touched.

It was mid September and the fall colors were beginning to peak, creating a brilliant contrast to the white bark of the birches. Since childhood I had read and dreamed about this area of the world, where life is simple, yet intense and passionate. We were about to embark on a journey that was full of unexpected surprises, the first of which came while making inquiries in Grand Marais. That is when I first learned that I was not only near the area I had dreamed of, but that we, in fact, were headed to the exact place! My mind reeled from the impossibility of it all! All the years that I read and reread my books, all the starry-eyed dreams, all the years of yearning, were only a step away! As we traveled along the winding roads, I soaked up every sight and sound. I was once again that starry-eyed child, and it was as if by magic I had stepped back in time.


We arrived at Gunflint Lodge in the evening, with just enough time to unload, shop a little at the trading post, and eat one of the best meals I've eaten in ages! The lodge was warm and cozy with a fire crackling in the lobby, which was adorned with Indian and Eskimo type relics and paraphernalia. The staff members were friendly and helpful. For some reason it was like coming home. The cabin we stayed in also was roomy, warm, comfortable and cozy, so it didn't take long for us to wind down from our long drive and fall into a deep sleep.

Next morning we awoke restless and eager to begin our four-day, three-night experience. The view from the window of our cabin showed a day full of promise and beauty! We were southern city-dwellers in a northern wilderness, searching, not for the best fishing spot, or the perfect place to pitch our tents, but rather, for something deep inside ourselves, something more than the eye could see. Our "call of the wild" lead us here to test ourselves against the elements of nature.