Boundary Waters and Quetico Equipment Lists


Canoe Camping Checklists

You will notice some things sound like they would be only be used in cold weather and your right. We've brought, and on occasion, used them in August. Don't say we didn't warn you! Printable version

1 Sunglasses
1 Cap/Hat (Sun & Bug protection)
1 Knit Cap
1 Rain Coat
1 Rain Pants
1 Shelled Fleece Jacket
1 Fleece Top (Snap-T)
1 Pants Light Weight Fleece
2 Shirts (Long Sleeve - Cotton)
1 Duofold Underwear Top
2 Pants (NOT Blue Jeans)
2 Silk Weight Capilene Underwear Top
1 Light Weight Capilene Underwear Bottoms
2 T-Shirts
1 Shorts/Swim Suit
2 Underwear
1 Socks Mid Weight Capilene
2 Socks (White Cotton) Most comfortable
2 Socks Light Weight Capilene
1 Socks (GoreTex)
1 pr. Shoes (Quick Dry)
3 Handkerchiefs
1 Towel
1 Fingerless Gloves
1 Head-net for bugs



1 Socks Heavy Weight Capilene/Wool
1 pr. Boots "Waterproof"
1 pr. Neoprene Gloves
1 Duofold Underwear Top
1 Mid Weight Capilene Underwear Bottoms
1 Pants Heavy Weight Fleece (substitute)


If you feel we have neglected to list somthing no one should ever be without, tell us.

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