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How does this sound to you?
Have you ever wanted to be able to click on any portage in canoe country, and read a description of it written by someone who has actually traveled it? How about being able to continue, by following links, from lake to lake, and discovering what you might encounter on a trip you're planning?

That's the idea.
Together we can create an incredibly valuable resource. Please view the database before you add a portage. (This database is updated manually.) Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.

If you're contemplating a new route or just want to see what others think - get out a map and follow along. The latest update (06/01/08) added 118 portage descriptions for a total of 1695 opinions on 1034 portages BWCA / Quetico portages. 2012 BWCA uodate -- 2012 Quetico update
2053 descriptions in all.

Lots of time and effort has gone into this resource. It follows the time honored tradition of paddlers helping paddlers. It's easy to return the favor by adding a portage or supporting it financially.

BTW - I love it when people string 'em together like this example...
Falls Chain...

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