Otter to Little Indian Sioux River

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Tim
Season/Year: Fall 04
Water Level: average
Length: 120 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
This portage heads out before you would expect - it looks like the river is navigable, and I bet it is for a little while - but we tend to play it safe with portages on rivers and go with what's marked. The landing is a little tricky to find (although it is "exactly" where both Fisher and McKenzie mark it).

Once on the portage it is pretty flat but when we were there it was fairly overgrown/not well traveled - sort of feels like a walk through a tropical forest. Part way through the portage - about 90 rods from Otter - is a "landing". Our guess is that this was used as a landing by a party that decided to paddle a bit of the river before starting the portage - this looks like a difficult decision as the approach to this landing would be very difficult. The LISR landing is what I call a "Loon S$%^" landing - plenty of space to lose your boots and get stinky in the process.

Lake after portage: Little Indian Sioux River
Known campsites: None at all
Lake Description:

Portage from Little Indian Sioux River into:
Upper Pauness
Little Trout

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