Frederick to Wine

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: G.Hommes
Season/Year: Spring 03
Water Level: average
Length: 90 rods
Rating: average
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Portage Description:
Paddlers in good shape should have little difficulty with this portage. The trail begins amid some large white pines, climbs about 40 feet, and then follows a scenic, pine covered ridge top, before descending about 30 feet into a little valley. The trail then climbs about 30 feet to another little ridge, from which Wine Lake is visible far below. The final section drops steeply about 80 feet to Wine Lake. This rocky section can be very slippery when wet. Obviously, the return trip from Wine to Frederick is more difficult...

Lake after portage: Wine
Known campsites: 2
Lake Description:

Portage from Wine into:

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