Wet to McEwen

Quetico portage
Posted by: Ken Bringe
Season/Year: Spring 01
Water Level: high
Length: 20 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
There are two portages that can be taken on the west end of Wet Lake.

I prefer the one in the northwest corner that starts on a flat wide rock at a campsite and is directly across from the passage into McEwen's main body. This is an easy walk in the woods with good landings at both ends.

The portage on the southwest corner has a small landing in the trees right next to a small rapids that enters the lake there but is unmarked on the map. This is a flat portage but wetter and rockier than the other. It finishes behind an island that has a campsite on it.

Lake after portage: McEwen
Known campsites: 5
Lake Description:

McEwen is well known for its small mouth. The north part of the lake was burned in the fire in 97. The south end was left untouched. The lake is deep and clear with many bays, coves and islands. It has a high wooded shoreline. I have seen moose, wolves, beaver, otter, loon, wiskey jacks and many other things on this lake.

It can be crowded at times because of the fine fishing.

Portage from McEwen into:

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