McEwen to Glacier

Quetico portage
Posted by: Ken Bringe
Season/Year: Spring 01
Water Level: high
Length: 20 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
Two short portages with a small pond in the middle. The first portage can be avoided by pulling your canoe up the stream in high water. Otherwise, portage is on the right, and level. Paddle the small pond to the second portage. This portage starts level and then climbs to a bluff over glacier. You can go down a steep trail to the left or straight down the bluff. Either way, be careful it is steep.

Lake after portage: Glacier
Known campsites: 2
Lake Description:

I have been on this lake three times and never seen anyone else. The small mouth fishing has always been good here and the lake has a high rocky shore line and great feeling of solitude.

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