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Filleting most game fish

Fillet a Northern Pike

No bones About It - Volume I - "UNZIP YOUR FISH""

"It's been said that the secret to finding success in life is to be better than anyone else at one thing. Pablo Picasso. Michael Jordan. Joe Pesci. All men who excelled because they were able to do one thing very well. Now add Peter Stellas' name to the list."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 18, 2000-
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"When I get in a silly mood - like at the Milwaukee show last year - I did quite a few fish with the ballpoint pen," said Stellas. "I would start filleting the fish with a knife and people would always be asking me how sharp my knife was because that's how I was doing such a great job. That's the most commonly asked question.

"Then I say I'll show them how sharp it is. So I grab a cap to a ballpoint pen or a ballpoint pen itself. I'll say, 'Watch this,' and I fillet the rest of the fish with a pen. It has nothing to do with how sharp a knife is. I teach a technique."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 18, 2000-
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How to fillet fishDiscover the secret
of filleting fish by pulling the whole skeleton out of almost all of your favorite fish using only a regular fillet knife; what you'll end up with are two perfect boneless fillets. It's fast, easy and anyone can learn by watching this 60 minute video.

Topics include-
Steaking , Pocketing, Butterflying, Filleting, Skinning, Gutting, Tools.
Fish shown-

Salmon, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Perch, Catfish

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Boundary Waters fishing tips
A beginners how to.

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