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Filleting Pike, Pickerel

Filleting most game fish

Filleting Northern Pike
A.K.A. Pike, Grass Pike, Pickerel, Snake, Northern, Jackfish...

It's a question many hungry anglers have:
How do I fillet a northern and remove the Y bones?

Then someone said to [Pete], 'You show me how to fillet a northern, and I'll buy your tape.' [Peter Stellas] then produced a second video, "No Bones About It, Vol. II."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 18, 2000-
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" I came up with a new technique about seven years ago that none of the charter captains or sportsmen anywhere had seen as far as filleting fish," said Stellas. "What I do is fillet fish from the belly and not from the back, which is the traditional way to fillet fish.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 18, 2000-
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fillet a northern pikeDiscover the secret...
of how to fillet Northern Pike and eliminate those nasty "Y" bones from Northerns. Your fishing trips (vacation menus) will never be the same!

In volume II Pete not only shows you how to fillet a large Pickerel "from the belly" But he will also fillet the smallest Northern to illustrate that his technique for pulling out the whole skeleton works on Pike large or small. If you enjoy eating Northerns as much as catching them, hate trying to fillet them and are tired of wasting meat and/or picking bones out of your mouth as you eat, this tape is a definite must. It's a step by step visual guide on what to do with your fillet knife when a northern pike is on the menu.

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How NOT to fillet a Northern Pike?
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and notice the link about how to locate the "Y" bones AFTER frying the fillet. Hello? Then why call it a fillet?

Even if you never fillet/clean a pike like that, you'll learn something you never even considered about filleting any fish, just by watching this video.

How to fillet a northern pike
Your patience is required.
This 237K animation takes a while to load.

Boundary Waters fishing tips
A beginners guide on how to fish for Pickerel, Trout, Bass and Walleye. The huge fish you release, instead of fillet.

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