Delahey to Conmee
Death March

Quetico portage
Posted by: Kim Young
Season/Year: Summer 02
Water Level: low
Length: 4 separate portages 660 rods
Rating: average
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Portage Description:
The Delahey Death March was a "walk in the woods" as Stumpy said. This July 2002 was dry. I rated it average because of the length. There are 4 portages and some beaver dams. Guessing on the total rods.

The second portage is one long one, not two long portages as suggested on some maps. The creek is dry and those 2 have been joined to make one long walk in the woods.

Starts out with a 160 rod portage that is your typical Quetico portage. A little rocky, marshy, a few trees to maneuver around. Short downhill to a pond. Can't miss the beginning of the long portage, big open rock area west end of portage. The trail is very flat and nice. A few ups and downs. Some rocky areas, and some areas around where the creek has dried up in the middle of the portage that may be wet in rainy/wet year. Short downhill to a pond at the end. Then a few beaver dams and another (3rd) portage along a rocky creek-only about 30 rods. Put in and paddle in a pond and go directly west until you will take a short 13 rod portage to Conmee. You're done. You've done the Death March.

Our group did the Memory Lane portages from Pooh Bah to Conmee 2 years ago, and we all agreed those 3 portages combined were much more difficult than the Death March portages.

Lake after portage: Conmee
Known campsites: 5
Lake Description:

Conmee is a beautiful light colored lake. Many campsites.

Portage from Conmee into:

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