Davis to Kiskadinna

Quetico portage
Posted by: Andy Gillum
Season/Year: Summer 00
Water Level: unsure
Length: 305+ rods
Rating: never again
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Portage Description:
If you are even able to find this portage your best bet would still be to turn around. Not that the portage is impossible, just a living hell. Hills, mud, and a few ancient planks over a small stream make it hard going and the fact that a ranger has obviously not ventured down the at times indistinguishable trail since the '99 blowdown speaks as much to its condition as it does to its reputation amongst those who know. The 185 rod portage waiting on the other side of the skinny and winding Kiskadinna doesn't help either. If you make it, however, it lends to a great sense of accomplishment and a very sore back.

Lake after portage: Kiskadinna
Known campsites: 1
Lake Description:

Portage from Kiskadinna into:
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